SEO Virtual Assistant’s Job

1. SEO Keyword research
“Keyword research is a core SEO task that involves identifying popular words and phrases people enter into search engines -make in an attempt to figure out what to rank for.”
2. SEO Site Assesment & Planning
“An SEO analysis sheds light on all the opportunities on your site that you can address to improve your ranking potential in search engine results pages (SERPs)”
3. SEO Site Registration & Local Directories
Is simply adding or registering the business to different business registration sites, local or international directories. the more the business is registered/ listed the more it can also affect the business website’s ranking on the (SERPs).
4. SEO On & Off Page Optimization
“Using keywords in your page title and page copy, Optimizing the meta description to stand out in search engine results pages (SERPs) &Using HTML code and alt tags While on-page SEO refers to the factors you can control on your own website, off-page SEO refers to the page ranking factors that occur off your website, such as backlinks from another site. It also includes your promotion methods, taking into account the amount of exposure something gets on social media, for example.
5. SEO Writing
SEO writing is the implementation of keywords and key phrases within web content. Copywriters and marketers use SEO to increase their site’s organic visibility and SERP rankings. The best way to write for SEO is to pair high-quality copy with targeted search terms

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