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Gone are the days when you went hunting for fabrics and then took it to the tailor who would measure you up to down and then make you wait a week till you finally checked with a beating heart if the dress was fine. Today, all you have to do is walk into our store and we have a range of designer evening dresses according to the latest trends for you.

So, got a party to attend? We are open. Come to our store and check out the range of designer evening dresses made for you. Find the latest colors of the season and the latest trends with sleeves, backs, prints and embellishments and you won’t wait to make an entrance on that much awaited day!


Bridesmaids Dresses

One of the most excited people of the day of any wedding is the bridesmaid, especially if you are a sister, cousin or bestie of the bride. And why not? You get to enjoy the limelight and the centre stage, except when the first dance, of course, but then, you’ll be shaking a leg with an anonymous bestman who obviously looks his best in his blazer and gelled hair too.

So, let’s admit it, you can’t afford to look anything less than your best when you are chosen to be the bridesmaid for anyone’s wedding. So, now that you have done the honors of choosing your bridesmaids, let’s complete their joy by getting the best dress for them. What say?

Jacqueline’s Bridal is all open to you with its range of bridesmaids dresses in different colors and styles so you can get the perfect dress according to the theme of your wedding day and tastes of your bridesmaids.

Mother of Brides Dresses

After the bride, and of course the bridesmaids and the rest of the bridal troupe, you are going to be the next most looked-at person on the ground. Friends, relatives, neighbours and family who saw you in your pajamas and home shorts all the while, finally get to see the beautiful version of you, as mother of the bride, looking elegant on her daughter’s wedding day. Wouldn’t you want to give it your best?

And with us by your side to help you, it’s not going to be a pain at all. We know how the mother of the bride is one of the busiest on the days before her daughter’s wedding. Of course, she is going to make all the choices, but there will still be a lot of arrangements you will be running around with, after all, it’s your daughter’s wedding.

So, give yourself the break you deserve and drop by our store where we will present to you mother of bride dresses in various cuts so you don’t look any less younger than your glowing bride. Now watch her grin from ear to ear on her big when everyone mistakes.

Final Words

A party is always a party, be it that cousin you are so excited for or that distant relative you have never seen. And it’s always more fun when you have made an effort to look presentable. You never know who you are going to bang into and that is why Jacqueline’s Bridal is here for you to prepare you for any event in the best way. 

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