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Why remote work on Kreek Africa is worth it.
There’s a lot of buzz surrounding remote work and why it is a convenient way of working. While it is true, it is usually the narrative for the transition from traditional work. So, what happens to people with skills but no organization to work with? Or businesses, especially start-ups short of resources to keep employees in-house? Kreek Africa provides answers to these problems by connecting individual professionals to clients, businesses, and startups and vice versa. This online platform, which focuses on African talents, but it’s open to the world, has a lot to offer anyone looking to improve their way of doing business.

With so many Africans engaged in freelancing or self-employment, it is not surprising if this mode of work becomes the new normal. More and more people are looking for flexibility such that the traditional office setting is no longer the default. And the pandemic has even proven this further with many businesses and organizations switching to this mode of working. The idea of being able to work from anywhere at any time means more can be done, and with a platform such as Kreek Africa, things just got easier. There is no longer the time spent commuting to and from work, more control over working hours, and a chance to be a part of projects that add value to the work-life. It also means all the human resources the continent has is showcased to the world without discrimination.

Remote work does not only benefit professionals. Businesses, especially start-ups, can use the employment option to manage resources on a budget. Retaining employees in one space comes with its expenses, which could be used to grow other core aspects of the business. Using remote work, therefore, means reducing or eliminating expenses on electricity, rent, furniture, technological infrastructure, etc. Also, keeping employees in-house does not always mean getting work done efficiently. Essentially this is some money going to waste. What a platform such as Kreek Africa, businesses not only have access to quality talent, but they can also track progress, manage a team, and pay for work they are satisfied with. And that is value for money.
Kreek Africa capitalizes on the widespread use of technology and the internet on the continent to bring individuals and businesses the smart way of working. A model that has already proven successful elsewhere in the world. This platform, which is also secure and prioritizes its users’ safety, gives Africa the opportunity to redefine its economy and future in the process.

The Way Forward for Business in Africa
Africa has a fast-growing economy, mainly due to its resources, which include its people. The African population over the years has proven to be industrious and ready to go the extra mile given the opportunity. And up until the pandemic hit, there were opportunities for innovation, investments, and other business opportunities. But despite the setback, an opportunity has also been created for Africa to redefine how it does business, to suit the changing times.
One of the areas that have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus is the employment sector, one which is key to the growth of the African economy. And even before that, employment in Africa was a pressing topic for many governments and policymakers. There was the unemployment problem, which was created by a lack of sufficient jobs for the growing population, which is primarily made up of the youth. And even then, many Africans looked to self-employment as a way to proactively solve the problem. This shift towards freelancing is structural and is gradually growing from just a trend into a powerful driver of economic growth.This got to the point where more people, especially the youth, who were looking for more control in their career, through flexible working hours, would leave their jobs to freelance. However, with the pandemic, even those who were fortunate to have traditional jobs are facing the threat of experiencing a decline in income due to reduced working hours or losing them completely. This proves that the traditional work or employment structure is not the most sustainable, especially during certain situations, such as a crisis and so it is time for it to be reviewed. This threat will put a strain on the livelihoods of the average citizen and is also likely to increase poverty. Despite the gloomy picture, there is a silver lining where an alternative way of doing business can be introduced to put the skills and qualifications of the African citizen to good use and give businesses that don’t have the luxury of retaining staff a cost-effective option. The Africent Group recognizes the need for a solution to the traditional way of doing things, as well as a more convenient way for individual professionals to conduct business. They have, therefore, created, an online community that connects freelancers to businesses on a secure platform to conduct business. This smart way of doing business promises to revolutionize the employment scene in Africa by giving Africans visibility and a competitive edge in the global market.
And despite the fact that this form of employment model is popular in other parts of the world, will be the one that recognizes the resourcefulness of the African workforce to offer an enabling platform that nurtures it without discrimination.The platform promises an easy and convenient way for business people to go about their work, with a secure verification process and the other strict measures put in place to protect its users. It also promises to give professionals from various fields, disciplines, and industries, all over Africa, an opportunity to showcase their skills and qualifications to be recognized and be a part of projects that will add value to their work. also seeks to capitalize on the existing widespread knowledge and use of technology and the internet to bring opportunities through online solutions pertaining to business growth and personal career development.
Kreek Africa believes that Africa has the necessary resources to grow its economy and get back on its feet, even in the face of a crisis. The initiative, in the long run, will enrich the lives of the African population.

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