Exquisite Bridesmaid Dresses and Bridal Accessories at One Store

If you are looking for Bridesmaid Dresses & Gowns Wellesley, you will see no shortage of options online. However, if you are searching for a one-stop solution for all your bridal dresses and accessories, then you should book an appointment with us. We have all the best high-end wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses along with accessories at one store.

Ravishing bridesmaid dresses

The search for the perfect Bridesmaid Dresses & Gowns in Wellesley has gotten more manageable than ever before. At our store, you will find the perfect bridesmaid dresses that will complement your attire.

If you want your bridesmaids to look picture perfect beside you at the altar, then this is the ideal place to find it. Not only do we help you find the best wedding gown but also help you choose the best bridesmaid dress that will look brilliant in every picture.

Unique bridal accessories

Here at our store, you will get an extensive collection of Bridal Accessories to choose from. No matter what your wedding dress is, you will find complementary accessories without any hassle.

Even if you are having a themed wedding and want a unique piece, we are sure that you will find it under our roof. From bridal belts, tiaras to hair accessories, we have everything here.

It does not matter whether you are looking for a simple piece or an elaborate one; we will help you find the best one that will complement your dress. You can also find the perfect accessory to match your evening gown for the reception party.

Get the perfect veil

At our store, you will find the perfect dress and walk out with the perfect veil. We understand that not all people want to have a plain and simple veil. This is why we have a massive collection of unique Veils.

These veils have been curated to match the personality of every bride who walks into our Store. So no matter what you are searching for, be rest assured that you will be able to find the well that will complement your dress the best at our store without any hassle.


At Jacqueline's bridal dress shop, all your bridal dress shopping will be completed. You cannot only pick out your perfect wedding dress but also get the ideal bridesmaid dresses, which will make your day truly memorable. Here you can also pick out exquisite accessories along with your perfect veil.

So if you are residing near Wellesley, just book an appointment with us. We promise to help you and your bridesmaid look perfect on your wedding day.

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