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Yes, you heard it right. Portable air conditioners! This is the best alternative for other type of AC’s like window or in-wall units if you want to get humidity out of the way. Imagine the small areas in your house that you don’t regularly stay being separated by walls? It would be very costly to install permanent air conditioners in each of the rooms. Now, you don’t have to worry. The portable air conditioners will do the job just as efficient and as mobile as it can be. Let’s say, you want to stay in your study area for a couple of hours to do some business functions and you suddenly remember that you need to fix the bicycle of your daughter in the garage? The temperature, air circulation and humidity all over the house will be the same but what makes it different is that you can easily take your portable air conditioner from the study room to the garage and experience the same feeling of coolness and freshness. There’s a lot of portable air conditioners out there but please look keenly on the most important things to consider before buying one. Performance (the larger the area you wish to cool, the higher the BTU should be), installation, external appearance and portability, humidifying and evaporation system, energy saving features, timer and control function and of course, price. Make sure to have one of this in your house! Try our well-studied and properly observed brands below and take your first pick!
Honeywell MN12CESWW

The Honeywell MN Series portable air conditioner with protective cover has a sleek, modern design cooling and dehumidifying areas up to 550 square feet. With 3-in-1 technology, this portable air conditioner delivers optimum cooling and dehumidification. It also has a fan-only function. The full-function remote control allows you to operate each feature from across the room. Unlike a fixed AC, this unit requires no permanent installation and four caster wheels provide easy mobility between areas. Plus, the auto-evaporation system allows for hours of continuous operation with no water to drain or no bucket to empty. This model comes with everything needed for setup including a flexible exhaust hose and an easy-to-install window venting kit. When the unit is not in use, the protective cover with pockets will protect your unit plus store the exhaust hose and venting kit.
Frigidaire FFRA0511R1
Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 measures 16-inches W x 15-1/4-inches D x 12 inches H. It's about 5,000 BTU mini-compact air conditioner for window-mounted installation and uses the standard 115V electrical outlet and window mounting kit included. It cools a room up to 150 sq. ft. with dehumidification up to 1.1 pints per hour. It has mechanical rotary controls, 2 cool speeds, 2 fan speeds, and 2-way air direction. It has adjustable Side Panels, the side panels will extend to best fit your window. When you need to cool down quickly or warm up faster, use the quick cool/warm mode to speed up the fan. Comes with an extra long three-prong cord — makes extension cords unnecessary. This air conditioner maintains the preset room temperature, so you will remain comfortable at all times.
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