Yoga for Kids | Marjaryasana

Marjaryasana is an asana which needs the performer to assume the pose of a Marjari or Cat. Therefore this asana is called Marjaryasana or Cat Pose.

How to do Marjaryasana:

Take a tabletop position using the hands and knees.
The knees should be directly below their hips, and toes curled.
The wrists, elbows, and shoulders should be straight and perpendicular to the floor.
Center the head in a neutral position with eyes looking at the floor.
With an exhalation, arch the spine up towards the ceiling.
Release the head towards the floor without forcing the chin towards the chest.
Come back to the initial tabletop position while inhaling slowly.
Possible benefits:

Relaxes and stretches the

torso, and
the organs of the abdomen
Caution: If your kid faces difficulty while rounding their upper back, lay a hand above and between the shoulder blades for support.

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