What is the Role of Police in Investing a Crime

(I) To examine any objection about the commission of a wrongdoing.

(ii) An examination incorporates recording explanations of witnesses and gathering various types of proof.

(iii) If the police believe that the proof focuses to the blame of the denounced individual, at that point they record a charge-sheet in the court. Yet, regardless of whether an individual is blameworthy or honest, is chosen by the adjudicator and not the police.

(iv) As everybody is exposed to law of land, including police. In this manner, police examinations consistently must be directed as per law and with full regard for basic liberties.

(v) Article 22 of the Constitution and criminal law assurance to each captured individual the accompanying Fundamental Rights.:

The Right to be educated at the hour of capture of the offense for which the individual is being captured.

The Right not to be abused or tormented during capture or in guardianship.

Admissions made in police guardianship can't be utilized as proof against the denounced.

A kid under 15 years old and ladies can't be called to the police headquarters just for addressing.

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