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What Are The Common Problem In The PCB Fabrication And Assembly Process?

As mankind ventures into the world of new technology, the designs of printed circuit boards are also becoming more complex with each passing day. PCB‘s are considered as the basic building blocks of any computer or any equipment including phones, toys and vehicles.
Engineers responsible for PCB Fabrication Services are compelled to come up with more sophisticated and miniature designs which can keep up with the latest equipments.  While designing a PCB it is important to look for common problems which includes

  • Issues related to layout like incorrect sizing and generation of external noise.

  • Schematic errors which often lead to performance issues related to total functional failures. While opting for smaller PCB Fabrication Servicesit is important to keep in mind that smaller sizes means multiple layers which leads to problem during the testing process.

  • Sometimes in spite of having a perfect design, PCB’s encounter problems in operations due to  hostile conditions in which it is expected to function.

  • Failure to review the design by the PCB engineer and the electronic engineer can result in a product which fails to meet expectations. In ability to detect the problem early on the manufacturing process can lead to a PCB which does not function well. It can increase the cost of rework in case a problem is detected at a later in the phase.

  • Last but not the least lack of familiarity with manufacturing requirements can make a fabrication process fall flat on the ground. It can cause manufacturing complexity and might lead to increased cost and alter the footprints of the resulting boards.

Shax Engineering is a printed circuit board (PCB) total concept solutions company from San Jose, California. For the past 20 years they have been fabricating and assembling circuit boards for original equipment manufacturers and technology companies throughout the country.


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