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Top Reasons for Hiring Professional Video & Audio Transcription Services

In this article, we discuss the many reasons to transcribe your video, and why you only need to trust professional video & audio transcription services for this job.

Solids Reasons for Hiring Professional Video & Audio Transcription Services

In 2020, everyone is talking about video marketing. Today, video is a powerful advertising & marketing means to promote a brand or product/service. But, there is another aspect to video marketing, that is transcribing your videos before you hit the upload button. But why, in this article, we'll be putting forth solid reasons to hire trustworthy video transcription services. So, let's find out:-

What Are Video & Audio Transcription Services?
So, the million-dollar question, what video transcription is? It is the process of translating a video into a readable text. Transcription can be done for YouTube videos, speeches, films, podcasts, new footage, etc. When talking about transcribing, we often think of it writing done all the words straight from what's spoken in the video. However, audio and video transcription services are about properly creating a story that a user finds as engaging as watching the video.

Therefore, video transcriptions also include the music or sound effect. Apart from the sound effect, the video transcription also has the visual element portrayed in a manner it directly connects with the audience and maintains their interest until the end of the video. Transcription a video needs a highly qualified human transcriptionist having vast experience to convert video content into text.

Increase Accessibility

As per the WHO, 466 million on this planet have some hearing difficulties. And, 10 million in the US alone, so shouldn't they have the opportunity to access your content? Video transcription is a means to achieve that. Further, video transcription makes it easy to translate the readable form of the video into several other languages, which ultimately increases your audience reach, and improves engagement. So, these people can watch the video as if they are watching, thanks to your translation.

Improve User-Experience & Engagement
There are still out there, who would rather read a product promotion video, rather than watching it. Or maybe a situation is such; they can't play the sound, for instance, in the middle of a crowded metro with no headphones to bail them out. So, the audio file transcription services let you target both types of people, those who prefer watching than reading, others who are still fond of reading.

Another benefit that comes with video transcription is that your users can skim through the video, before actually watching it. The transcription gives them a fair idea of whether the video is worth watching it or not. Moreover, the readable form has a better retention rate compared to the words being spoken in the video. In a nutshell, by investing in professional video transcription services, you are doing your bit to improve the user experience for your prospective audience base.

Improves SEO
By including a transcript with your video, you present top search engines such as Google another means to index your content. With the transcript, the Google algorithm can go through the entire video, and rank it based on the relevancy of the content. Moreover, video platforms like Youtube will rank your video based on the transcription.

If you've longer transcription, then you can always optimize it to include all the relevant keywords naturally, all the user search queries or one-word for which you want to rank. It is advisable that the transcription must be done only when this video is ready to be published. So, a high-quality transcription done by a qualified individual can improve your content SEO.

Improve Product Value

If you are offering the videos as a part of a paid service like OTT or online courses, by transcribing the video, you can instantly add value to your product. The transcription makes the product more trustworthy as buyers tend to inline more towards what they read, rather than what they hear, that's the law of buying.

Share on Multi-Platforms

A high-quality, engaging video transcript can be shared over the various platforms or can be used to create other types of content. According to the subject of the video, it can be shared as a guest blog, social media content, eBook, guides or email campaigns. A video transcript lets you answer all the possible queries people have in their minds.

Hiring Audio and Video Transcription Services

Although video transcription all by yourself or using the software may cost less, it takes time, and precision is never guaranteed. That's why we suggest you hire a professional video transcription agency that has dedicated transcriptionists to offer you great value & convenience.

Generally, the speed of a professional transcriptionist is eighty to a hundred words for one minute. For this speed, an hour of video can be translated in four to six hours. It is advisable to do comprehensive research work to find a credible video translation company who can assure you accuracy, faster turnaround time, and ensure that the content is confidential.

Final Thought

So, in the end, you probably come to know the different reasons why video transcription, and how it can prove to be a game-changer for your video marketing campaign.


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