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Leading Through Digital: Business Models that Exploit the Digital Opportunity

Over the past decade, we have seen digital reshape the agenda of many businesses and produce new leaders in several sectors. We are witnessing a shift in the balance of power from traditional value-chain business models to digital platform models. For instance, seven (7) of the ten (10) most valuable entities (by market capitalisation) in the world are digital platform models.
These entities (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent & Facebook) cut across various sectors of the economy and reinforce our perspective that digital platform business models are industry agnostic. They have an overarching focus on the customer, particularly retail customers. Google, Apple, and Alibaba have 2 billion, 588 million and 450 million users respectively. Bottom-line is that numbers are essential to creating value! The source of value for digital business models is having the capability to acquire new customers (users) exponentially while ensuring that innovation produces a steady flow of products and services to keep users engaged, excited and promoting the brand.
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Still Searching for a Better Customer Experience
Modern consumers have the world at their fingertips and are becoming accustomed to engaging with brands whenever and however they choose: whether online, in-store or being served face-to-face. Today’s customers are increasingly well informed, aware of what they want and vocal in sharing their experiences.
As telecom markets around the world continue to become increasingly saturated, the ‘insatiable’ demand for data for usage of over-the-top (OTT) services has led to the decline of traditional voice and SMS usage, while further raising the service expectations of today’s modern consumer. With this backdrop, ‘customer experience’ continues to be a top priority for every forward-thinking telco. The time has come to truly put the customer at the heart of the business.
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The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies

KPMG Member firms recognise the importance of innovation to the technology industry and global economy as a whole. KPMG Publication Series, The changing landscape of disruptive technologies, now in its fifth year, provides perspectives about technology innovation trends, top barriers to commercialize innovation and insight into technology innovation leading practices
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Assessing the Maturity of Data & Analytics Capabilities in Nigeria

This is the first research in the country that shines the light on this problem. It takes information from over 100 organizations across various areas of the business environment including financial services, consumer markets, energy and natural resources and even the public sector.
This survey is specifically focused on the following objectives:
• Assessing the maturity and positioning of the current D&A practices across industries in Nigeria.
• Gauging the depth of D&A skills and challenges in building capacity.
• Highlighting the typical D&A use cases developed by organizations.
This Report also articulates the KPMG point of view on the maturity of the D&A landscape in Nigeria and its key applications across various parts of business enterprise. It also share KPMG’s position on some stay-awake issues of organizations as it relates to data and analytics. Areas covered include:
• Fraud Analytics
• HR in the Analytics age
• Artificial Intelligence and the finance function
• Analytics to build customer relationships in banking
We believe the outcome of this research is a big step towards illumination on the state of data and analytics capabilities in Nigeria. It also has useful guidance for organizations who are interested in building data and analytics capabilities.
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