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Surprising Facts On How Collagen Benefits Your Hair

Everyone wants hair that shows growth, volume and is shiny. Collagen protein helps you achieve that. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body and is the building block of the human body. But, as collagen production decreases, you would observe a change in skin, hair and nails. They become wrinkly; you have hair fall and less hair growth. This is the reason many go for collagen tablets from a young age to maintain skin. Here are some scientifically proven ways by which collagen could be really helpful.
It Helps With Volume
It has been proven that a certain group of collagen that is near the hair follicle reduces with age. This is the reason why you have so much hair fall as your age increases. Again, amino acid by the name proline helps in keeping the ends of the hair protected from free radical. This is how you have fewer hair fall. Collagen protein ensures that your hair is strong. They add volume to your hair by reducing falling of hair strands more than normal. They strengthen your hair follicles.
Helps In Turning Hair Shiny
With time, pollution and as your age increases, your hair grows brittle and dull. It slowly loses shine. And, this happens because the sebaceous gland that is present beneath the hair follicle secrets oil. This oil helps in keeping the hair moisturized. Collagen plays a great role in maintaining the overall function. This results in lustrous hair.
It Keeps Your Hair Strong  
Your dermal layer is where the hair follicles are located. Collagen makes sure the dermal layer is strong to keep the hair healthy and in good shape. Again, with age as collagen reduces, the dermal layers get loose. This makes the hair follicle weak. Collagen protein helps a great deal in maintaining your hair. This is why many make collagen tablets a part of their daily life and benefit from it too. 
It Reduces Greyness Of The Hair
Your melanin gives your hair the required colour. Melanin is produced by the melanin-producing cell. Also, free radical accumulating from stress, pollution, poor health habits and lifestyle could cause greying too. Collagen with its antioxidant properties helps in keeping hair healthy. It also reduces greying. 
These are some of the science-proven ways by which collagen would be of great help to you. But ensure while buying collagen tablets that quality and the right ingredients are never compromised with.


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