Subh Mangal Zyada Savdhan- Movie review

ROCHAK SAXENA February 21, 2020
Rating: 4/5
Director Hitesh Kewalya has shown his maturity as a director to give the society a film that is very much needed
The film shows a constant battle for pure love, courageously won at the end. Winning hearts like always, Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan all in all isn’t only about people’s denial to understand same-sex relationships, but also, what it takes to stand for love and how somewhere or the other, people due to societal pressures sacrifice their love, and settle down with a life they never chose for themselves, and with partners they never felt affectionate for.

shubh mangal zyada saavdhan, hindi, review, film, 2020
Left- screen grab of the poster and Right- Director of the film Hitesh Kewalya (image source:
Two guys who have already fallen in love with each other, work, travel and stay together in Delhi away from their families. The problems come in when Aman’s (Jitendra Kumar) father catches him and Kartik (Ayushmann) kissing but denies to accept such a relationship between two men and characterizes it to be a problem in their mind. The whole story then revolves around how the two of them fight for their love and relationship.

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Written by Kewalya himself, the film mentions about a number of other things than centering itself only to homosexuality like, people considering a female is just born and bought up to be married one day, or the fact that people with dysfunctionalities or physical inabilities, tend not to find partners easily.

Coming to the highlight of the plot, the chemistry shared between Ayushmann and Jitendra, is impeccable. Their relationship is thoughtfully shown and never subject to humor in the film. Their understanding for one another, the way they console each other and how they stand firm for their relationship, just keeps adding to the bond being shown, shared between the two of them.

shubh mangal zyada saavdhan, hindi, film,review, 2020
Scenes from the film (image source:
There is a time where in the middle of a huge crowd including one of the protagonists’ family, the two of them indulge into PDA and the family members instantly come up with a ridiculously amazing idea connecting it with their families’ old beliefs, just to cover up the act in public. This is the incident where you laugh out loud and can’t stop but go bonkers on what just happened.

There comes an obvious chance, for Jitendra to escape the problem of convincing his family about his sexuality and being in love with Ayushmann, when his family’s chosen girl tells him how she plans to marry him only for the sake of the society and actually spending her life with the one she loves, once she gets her share of the jewels- “stree dhan“, given as a part of a ritual to the to be daughter-in-law and asks him to do the same and then live his life happily with Ayushmann ever after. But he rather chooses to battle around with his own family where he is fully supported by his love.

Also, Gajraj is shown as a scientist who has come up with a different colored cauliflower, rich in nutrition, that creates a lot of controversies in the town. This is used as a click for humor at first and then as a symbol of “changing oneself with time”. Other than this, the prints on Ayushmann’s t-shirts most of the times portray symbolic messages in line with what goes on in the scene.

Ayushmann has acted brilliantly, matching his own bench marks. He is shown as the calm one, among the two protagonists. He is high on energy, full of optimism and possesses the attitude of “come what may”. He is the one who is adamant about convincing the family, facing all the odds. He is loved for his role and the way he delivers his punches. It always brings a smile to one’s face whenever he consoles his partner.

Jitendra Kumar is already making place in our hearts. He is shown to be very simple and high on self respect. He is the one who fears confronting his parents for who he is. His character is very crucial and his performance stands with that of Ayushmann’s. Nonetheless, still there is a lot of scope for him to improvise and give a performance like that of “The Viral Fever” or “Kota Factory”, the ones he is loved for.

Gajraj Rao is a failed scientist, a dominating head of the family, an indecisive husband at times, and most of all, a not so ignorant father who fails to accept the reality as it is, even after being highly educated. He gives his best as a supporting cast member. He is loved for his expressions with or without words, all through his screen time.

Neena Gupta gives a much loved performance. Her taunts, punches, and dialogue delivery, at times give her an upper hand over Gajraj’s performance even. She is shown as an understanding, emotional, and a very strong woman, who is there to help her husband take his side of decisions, who is there for her son when she understands what wrong are they being parents doing to him and who is also there to bind the family all the time.

Maanvi Gagroo, Manu Rishi and Sunita Rajwar have acted well and given their best to their roles. Their characters add to the humor part of the plot and help keep the film with a strong social message on a lighter mode of laughter and understanding.

Songs by Tanishq Bagchi and Vayu are very meaningful, adding up to the plot. They are evenly distributed in the film. Karan Kulkarni’s score is also beautiful giving the film deeper meanings.

shubh mangal zyada saavdhan, review, film, hindi, 2020
On sets of the film (image source:
Cinematography by Chirantan Das is simple but to the point. It does capture the essence of romance a lot of times. Production design sets the film in typical raw jarur. Good job.

Editing by Ninad Khanolkar is very good. Never for a moment do you feel dull. The structure of the film is sharp and entertaining.

The simple funda of the movie is, love shall not be subjected to one’s cast, creed, race or sex and what you choose for yourselves should be purely your choice guided or influenced by none. Also, one needs to accept this fact and then fight for their love rather than finding escapes to it.

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