QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream.

While during a post this error message occurs in QuickBooks. Whenever ESC connects to the software using the direct connect method, the error may persist in the ESC client.
If the ESC connects to the software through the ESC accounting server, the error is likely to persist in that program rather and the ESC will hang.
Possible causes of error:
The error is generally caused by illegal characters in the XML data ESC sending to the QuickBooks. This usually appears when data is taken from different programs and then directly into ESC or while an invalid symbol is used in specific fields.
Troubleshooting measures to fix the error -
Firstly, open the Sales menu and choose the Invoice List option. From the Views panel, find the Unposted Invoices list.
Save the invoice numbers of all unposted invoices for the duration you are attempting to post to QuickBooks.
Under the file menu, return to the Post to QuickBooks screen and separately post each invoice - not by duration. Resume posting invoices individually up till the error persists. This shows which invoices contain illegal characters.
Expand the invoice in the Sales Invoicing screen in ESC and inspect each line item. If any line item consists of the text which was copied from ESC outside and taken into the invoices, you are required to delete the text and manually Type-In the information. This is to delete any hidden formatting or characters that are copied and pasted into ESC that may not be seen. Otherwise, when searching for unique characters or symbols that have been used in the description of an item.(something other than standard punctuation marks).
Resave the invoices, once the invoice has been rectified.
Get back to the Post in QuickBooks screen under file and post the invoice to QuickBooks. That invoice is now required to post without any errors or disruptions. You can post other invoices to different invoices.
As you normally do, you can post other invoices to QuickBooks as you normally would. If the error persists repeat the same steps.

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