Quick Way to Resolve Gmail Account Recovery Problems

We all use email services for our personal and professional work, and most of us prefer Gmail as our email client. We all know Gmail is one of the best to choose, and that's because of its easy to use features and effectiveness. Moreover, it has quite a user-friendly interface that allows you to use it completely. Sometimes you may find it difficult, but that's just negligible. When we talk about difficulty, there is one thing that bothers users a lot, and that is Gmail account recovery not working, or we can say Gmail account recovery problems. Below we discussed how you could resolve these issues, so just check out the entire section.

How to Resolve Gmail Recovery Problems on iPhone?

To resolve the Gmail recovery problem on iPhone, you can use add or change methods of recovery. Moreover, you can add a phone number or alternate email to your Gmail as a recovery method. So, to do this, you just need to use some common and simple steps that we mentioned down.

• Launch the Gmail app on your device.
• Click on the profile icon given at the top of the screen and click on Manage your Google Account.
• Now at the top, you will find the Security option; click on it.
• Under 'ways we can verify it's you' choosing the Recovery Phone option.
• Now from here, you can add a recovery phone number, change your recovery phone number or delete your recovery phone number.
• As you click on any desired option, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the recovery process.

Before adding any number as your recovery phone number, remember it will be used to get text messages from Gmail for verification. Also, this needs to be your number, and you use it regularly. You can follow the same process to add a recovery email in your account; in spite of choosing a recovery phone, you need to choose a recovery email. With all this, the issue of Gmail recovery not working will be resolved, and if any issue persists, then you can take the help of a Gmail live person.


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