Microsoft Power Platform Implementation at your workplace

Microsoft’s Power Platform (Power BI, Power Automate and Microsoft Flow) has the functionality to ensure staff can feel safe when returning to the workplace.

Over the past few months, businesses all over the UK have been adapting to remote working. Whether it be using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or another platform to communicate, remote working has quickly become the norm. Many businesses are now exploring ways to how processes will work with employees returning to offices. For many, it’s not uncommon that remote working will be a permanent change and office space will be relinquished. Until a permanent solution is implemented, businesses now face the daunting task of ensuring people are returning to safe work spaces.

This is where Microsoft’s Power Platform comes in.

Monitoring health and safety with Microsoft Power Platform Implementation.

Many businesses will need to think about how they’re going to audit their workplaces; especially if they’re large factories or open-plan offices. Safety measures that are being implemented and introduced in risk assessments need to live somewhere. With Microsoft, these recordings can be implemented in one app and reported through elsewhere.

Such new information might need to be gathered and recorded to demonstrate how a business is implementing new, Covid-aware precautions in the workplace. These could include:

New policies for communal areas in a workplace such as a kitchen

Where a business has implemented hand sanitizing stations

A new policy for staff needing to self-isolate or continue to work from home

Where up to date signage needs to be placed in the workplace

Contacts for specific communications – first aiders, HR personnel, line managers

Other policies staff may need to follow in the business (e.g. hot desking, alternating coming in to the office and working from home)

How would these policies become automated with Microsoft’s Power Platform?

Rather than completing paper forms for each of the above (for perhaps hundreds of staff members at a time), automating this process is a far easier solution. Employers want to maximise their resources by quickly making data-driven decisions when needed.

Microsoft Power Platform has the capabilities to ensure businesses can reopen their workplaces safely and efficiently. The solution includes:

Location Readiness dashboard

Facility Safety Management

Workplace Care Management

….and customization!

The low code solution offered by Microsoft enables employers to have a quick view of the readiness of their facilities. Additionally, it offers the workforce a self-service tool needed to feel confident about returning and remain productive while onsite. ‘Employee Return to the Workplace’ is a feature staff can use to check in to work remotely and self-screen before entering a building.

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