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How to increase the effectiveness of your ad banners

Ad banners are simple yet quite powerful if they are designed and displayed properly. Advertisers have been using banner ads since the very early days of the Internet. It is still a very popular format to reach out to potential customers. The goal is to entice viewers to click on them and continue to buy something or at least learn more about the products that are being advertised.

Use an ad server
Instead of just placing an ad image onto your site directly and leave it there forever, you should use an ad server. It helps you manage many ad campaigns together from a single system. Remember that there are only a limited number of ad placements on any website or app. Therefore, it’s critical to maximize your ad earning from those ad spots by rotating them and displaying them smartly. The adserver chooses the most suitable and profitable ads for your site, records ad activities, monitors the progress of multiple advertising campaigns and reports ad performance to publishers and advertisers.

Apply ad targeting
Ad serving technology is crucial when you want to deliver ads to the target audience. Choosing which ads to display on the website is not just a random selection. The ad server uses many different factors and targeting criteria, including visitor's location, viewing history, target keywords, etc. Advertisers are often very specific about when the ad starts and ends, where the ad could be displayed, and who should see their ads. For example, they might only want viewers from certain countries, states or even cities. Additionally, you should display targeted ads that are suitable for the page or section they are placed on because that will correlate with the website visitors’ preferences and interests. You cannot expect an ad about a copywriting service to perform well when displaying to non-targeted viewers on a website about raising chickens. If you have marketing ads, logically, they should be on marketing websites. Relevant ads will increase the click-through-rate and conversions, which means a higher ROI for your clients.

Design ads with a purpose
Choose your ad copy wisely and make sure it is catchy, yet informative. Add a visible call-to-action button to invite ad viewers to act promptly. You can add photos and colors to your banner ads but make sure these elements are beneficial, attractive and not annoying or distracting as that can become a liability. The focus should be on the ad message rather than the pictures and colors. Check if your ad server supports ad optimization so that you can test which ads or ad versions perform the best. Ad optimization can be based on the number of clicks, click-through rate, or conversion rates.

Measure ad metrics
It requires regular and systematic maintenance to make sure banner ads work the way they are designed to. The ad views and clicks are generated by the users on your site and then are counted by the back-end ad server. This data can tell you a great deal about the effectiveness of the ad. Maintaining consistency and comparing ad metrics among different ads are key factors in determining the best ads and understanding what makes them work. If the ad metrics are telling you that certain call-to-actions, colors, words, layouts, or photos work better than other choices, then you should consider updating other ads to these preferred settings.

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