How Are Digital Publishers Streamlining The Education Sector?

With every industry undergoing digitalisation, book publishing has also undergone the same. Although the traditional publishers used to perceive digital publishers as tough competitors, they have now come together to publish books digitally. Schools too, are trying to adapt to this trend. Various leading educational institutions are collaborating with well-known book publishers in India like Macmillan to publish books digitally. These books are packed with various features which make them better than traditionally published books. For example, they present the information better to ensure a great learning process for the readers.

Why should you consider partnering with an online publishing company for academic content?

There are a number of benefits offered by digital publishing. In fact, these are why digital publication is gaining popularity. For example:

• Affordable: Digital publishing of educational books is much more cost-effective than traditional publishing. Firstly, the costs of paper, ink and orienting are totally eliminated. Moreover, in the traditional publication process, every copy printed required an extra factor cost. On the other hand, in case of digital publishing a book needs to be published only ones, after which an unlimited number of copies can be produced for free. Naturally, this brings down the cost of production greatly, increasing the profit and allowing the publishers to sell the books at an affordable price.

• Interactive learning: You can integrate your e-publications with sophisticated features which make learning fun. For example, you may add audio, video, slideshows, etc., which would help children enjoy learning. Moreover, it would also help the students understand the lessons better.

• Easy to access: In the modern times, most of us go through hectic schedules and cannot make enough time to sit down and read a book properly. However, a smartphone is easy to carry around almost all the time and is easy to use. With the learning materials stored on smartphones or other gadgets, one can access them anywhere and anytime.

How to pick the right digital publisher?

Schools and other academic institutions often find it hard to come across the right digital publisher. For educational books, it is very important to team up with reliable book publishers in order to ensure quality education for the readers. Here are the factors which you need to look out for:

• Presentation: The reading experience is of utmost importance and it depends greatly on the presentation of the learning materials. The best publishers have their own team of academicians who come up with presentation styles which meet these standards.

• Technology: It is quite expectable that when related to digitalisation, publication would greatly depend on technology. The publisher you team up with must have access to the latest e-publishing technologies, software and have a competent publication team.

• Track record: Anyone who has been in the academic field for a long time can easily identify the reputed publishers. For example, Macmillan has been one of the leading book publishing companies for several decades and has now ventured into digital publishing.

Is it really worth collaborating with a digital publisher?

If your institute doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure for e-learning, digital publishers like Macmillan can help you build it. Even if an institute has already taken the path of digital learning, teaming up with a leading digital publisher would help to add value to their education and benefit the students.

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