Caring for Your Outdoor Teak Cabinets

Teak cabinets are highly durable. They last a lifetime if you can take proper care.  They also remain beautiful with a little maintenance. Thankfully, teak wood is low-maintenance. It doesn’t need much upkeep. It’s naturally produced oil that gets the job done. Show some love to it to make it last.

Rinse the Teak Cabinets Thoroughly

Your teak cabinets attract dirt while you work. Prevent them from looking ugly by rinsing them in col running water. Rinse the contaminants as soon as possible.

Use Water and Soap for Cleaning

If you end up getting contaminants on your teak cabinets. Wash them with dish soap. Also, use some lukewarm water to rinse it through. If you have stubborn grime on them, you can use a soft brush to scrub. Don’t leave any soap residue on your teak cabinets. This might lead to further damage.
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