Can You Sell A House That Has Had Termites?

If you have termites in your house, you could have a big problem on your hands. Not only is it a challenge to sell a house with termites, but it not safe to live in such property. To get rid of the termites you should immediately call the professional termite control experts to get rid of the termites. Also, if you are planning to sell your house then make sure to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Selling a house that has had termites is neither easy nor safe. You may find no one to buy your property or, chances are high you will not get the price you have listed for your property. Nobody would like to invest in a property that has already infested with termites, because termite treatment costs a lot. Most of the time the damages are so severe that no homeowners choose to repair it as it will cost way more than their expectation. If you have already treated termite infestation then you can sell your house. But, is that necessary to disclose about termites to new buyers when selling house? Well, that’s not important if you have already treated termites. But if the termites have damaged your property and the buyers can see it then they will not invest in your property. It is advised to disclose about only the active termites and not the history of the termites. But, it’s totally up to you whether you want to disclose it to your buyers or not.

Before we should go further on discussing whether you should sell a house with active termite problem or history of termites, you must know the basic difference in between these two. When you will know the different between active and history of termites then you can know whether you can sell your house or not.

Difference between Active Termites and History of Termites

Well, it’s very easy to understand the difference between these two. Active termite means currently your home is infested with termites or you are facing termite problems. And the history of termites is a previous problem of termite that has already been treated. Professional exterminators can easily inspect and tell the difference between active termites and past termite activity and provide a guarantee or give you a written statement of this.

If your house was infested with termites and you want to sell that property then you will have to show the documentation of past termite treatment and damages have been fixed that are caused by termites.

Can You Sell a House with Active Termites?

Yes, you can sell a house that has active termite problems, but it comes with a cost. You will have to inform your potential buyers about the infestation or past termite activity. This would reduce the number of the buyers but, you will still have a chance of getting buyers.

It is advisable to treat termites before putting them on the market for selling. You can hire professional pest control expert who can treat termites and can transfer warranty of the treatment plan over to your new buyers. Not investing in pest control services in Noida means your property will get only few buyers and that too the buyers with very low budget. Or, you can expect your home to be one the market with no interested buyers. So, it’s better to invest in termite treatment or else you will find buyers to submit offers much lower than your listing price.

Can You Sell a House with Termite Damage?

Yes, there’s no problem in selling a house with termite damage, but this depends on how extensive the damage is. If the damage are too extensive then this would definitely affect your home’s value. Nobody would actually like to invest in such property that has termite problem, because the damages done by the termite certainly presents a buyer beware situation. Hence, they don’t invest on such property. You will have to repair the damages if you want to sell your house.

If you are facing a termite problem in your house then professional pest control services in Delhi can help. There are many professional exterminators that can help you get rid of termite infestation and also offer termite inspection at free of cost. You just have to find out the right termite control service provider that are licensed and experienced.


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