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Best Email Opt-In Tools For SMBs

Broadly opt-in is the process of inviting visitors to their websites to sign up for your email list. The key here is that the people who populate the database actually should want to hear from you. When a visitor or a prospect opts-in to your email list, he or she will permit you to send emails to them. If someone is not in your current email list and when you offer them the opportunity to join your emailing list is what email opt-in is all about.

This is a process that is best handled by software automation tools. Choosing the right tool or app helps to build your email list faster. Further, you can enable this email opt-in tool for your social media profiles. This allows us to reach more number of people which helps to build a large email list quickly. Email opt-in tools make it convenient and automate the process of collecting and maintaining the email list and the tool works for you 24/7 and 365 days. For your convenience, we have listed below some of the best email opt-in tools that are available in the market.

Mail Munch
Mail Munch was founded in San Francisco, California, in the USA in 2010. Mail Munch is an opt-in tool that enables you to capture emails and details by easily embedding opt-in forms on your website. It is currently used by more than 50,000 businesses. Mail Munch allows you to quickly create professional forms without writing any code, and it doesn’t require much technical expertise. Mail Munch is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses who want an easy way to build a huge email list.

Mail Munch provides a forever free plan for up to one website with unlimited forms. In their paid plan you will get advanced analytics, premium themes, Unlimited sites, tracking pixels,instant email notification, etc. Their paid plans start from $15 per month for three websites and price increases with the number of websites and with more features.

Sumo was founded in Texas, the USA in 2010. To create professional-looking pop-ups, forms that appear on clicks, timers, and before people leave and with advanced drag and drop functionality, Sumo is the best and advanced tool to capture email from the internet. In Sumo, you can also control the look and feel of the pop-ups and forms. Sumo has multiple custom templates that will save you some design time and interesting thing is that it will also work on mobile platforms. It has features that enable you to show different forms or pop-ups for different visitors.

Sumo also provides a forever free plan by providing customizable design and more. In their paid plan, it has advanced features like advanced visitor targeting, removal of the Sumo brand logo, advanced analytics, unlimited newsletter mails, etc. Their one paid plan is available at $39 per month or if you would want to pay annually then the price is $468.

Optinmonster was founded in Florida, the USA in 2013. Optinmonster is the complete conversion optimization software that will help you to build and grow your email list quickly and increase sales and revenue. Optinmonster has the feature of behavior detection technology, with that you can show the right campaign at the right time to the right visitor. With Optinmonster you can show the highly customized messages based on the referral source to turn your visitors into subscribers. Similarly, you can run a targeted campaign based on the user behavior, page of your site, visitors’ locations, and site.

Optinmonster doesn’t provide free service as others do, their pricing starts from $9 and goes up to $49 per month. The pricing fully depends on how many pages views you want and how many sites you want. In its higher plan, it has advanced features like onsite retargeting, advanced reporting, custom branding, many chat integration, ad-block detection, geolocation targeting, etc.

Hello Bar
Hello Bar was founded in San Diego, CA, the USA in 2011. Hello Bar has a feature that you can set and ensure the correct timing of your message that you want your visitors to see. The operating system for Hello Bar is very simple. You just have to enter the URL of your website and after that, you will be guided about how to go about making campaigns, creating customized forms, making display ads, and more. The email integration feature makes sure that your inbox is synced to the email service. Another interesting feature of it is you can extract subscribed data from other software like mail chimp, campaign monitor, etc. It also provides A/B testing to make sure that you only display the best message.

Hello Bar also provides a forever free plan with 5000 views and has a limit of 10 pop-ups. They have two paid plans $29 and $99 per month respectively. In their paid plans they have advanced features like unlimited pop-ups, premium designs, advanced and premium integration, remove HB logo, etc.

Poptin was founded in Israel in 2011. Poptin is the best opt-in tool to create engaging forms and pop-ups for enhancing your online presence. It doesn’t require coding skills and deep tech skills to design the forms. It provides multiple custom design forms and templates that you can use according to your need and choice. Poptin tool makes the marketers’ job more simple with its drag and drop feature, and also you can set the timer that at a time and at which place you want to send the campaign so it makes the user very easy to do the job quickly and more efficiently.

Poptin has a forever free plan with 1000 visitors and for one domain. Poptin paid plans to start from $19 and it goes up to $99 per month. The paid plans will get the features like up to 15,000 autoresponders, merge tags, cookie targeting, phone support, autopilot trigger, intuitive editor, unlimited poppins, premium support, manage users, etc.

Email opt-in is the most effective and best way to grow your email list faster and to bring more visitors to your website. The success in email opt-in depends on the software that you choose for your business and to make use of it efficiently. It’s good to evaluate and explore various tools before making any final decision and can try their free version so that you can understand whether that tool will suit your business or not. Their advanced features help you to learn and understand how to design campaigns and to make attractive pop-ups, forms.

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