Alcohol Treatment and Rehab
Alcohol Treatment and Rehab
Some people may drink alcohol safely and in moderation. For others, alcohol use quickly progresses to alcohol misuse, and then to alcoholism. 
Alcohol addiction is also, in most cases, referred to as alcoholism. The clinical definition of this disease is alcohol use disorder. 
Alcohol use condition that can affect individuals of all ages and genders, including young girls and adult women. But the condition is treatable. When you get help at an effective alcohol addiction treatment facility, you can learn how to live a healthier life without drinking alcohol. 
Common Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder 
The following signs and symptoms may indicate that you have developed alcohol addiction: 
Using alcohol secretly
Feeling anxious or irritable when can’t drink alcohol 
Failing to stop your alcohol use once you start drinking 
Lying to or disagreeing with friends and family about your alcohol use 
Relying on alcohol to be joyful or to deal with stress 
Using alcohol to enable to you wake up or get to sleep 
Feeling guilty about your alcohol drinking 
Women and Girls on Alcohol Addiction 
In accordance with the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, NIAAA, the following are the statistics about alcohol use and alcohol addiction among women and girls: 
About 26,000 women die annually from causes related to alcohol use. 
More than 5 million women, or 4.1% of the adult women population, currently meet the criteria for a diagnosis of alcoholism 
About 227,000 teenage girls ages 12-17 display the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction. 
Among girls and young ladies ages 12-20, more than 11% say that they have participated in binge drinking at least once in the past month. 
Effects of Alcohol Use 
The World Health Organization reports that alcohol use is associated with more than 200 illnesses and types of injury.  
The physical effects of alcohol use entail physical harm from slips, falls, reckless or aggressive habits, and automobile accidents. Other physical effects of alcohol drinking include: 
Kidney damage 
Liver disease 
Heart problems 
Alcohol use can also increase your chances of contracting cancers. Alcohol addiction treatment is highly recommendable for struggling persons.
But the impacts of alcohol misuse and alcohol addiction aren’t limited to the above types of medical diseases. Untreated alcohol use disorder can also cause: 
Loss of friends and other relationships 
Setbacks in school or at work 
Inability to find or keep employment
Financial instabilities 
The onset or worsening of mental health disorders 
isolating from loved ones 
Losing hope 
suicide thoughts
When you get effective alcohol addiction treatment, you can minimize your risk for continued harm. Your time at an alcohol addiction treatment facility can also help you begin to heal from any damage you’ve already experienced.

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