Why Lymphatic Massage is Recommended for Post-Surgical Symptomatic Relief

The main function of our lymphatic system is to clean the body from toxins and unsafe substances and considering our way of life, condition, and diet, we are making its activity troublesome daily. The most significant part of the lymphatic system is lymph liquid and lymph nodes. Lymph liquid conveys white blood cells and antibodies that are liable for battling against the toxic and unfamiliar substances that invade the body. Therefore, it is very important for the lymphatic system to work properly, otherwise, it may lead to a compromised immune system. There are various health conditions that result due to impaired lymphatic systems including lymphedema, dermus and various other.

Surgeries are very harsh in the body. There are different types of surgeries, no matter what the type is our body must fight against many things after surgery. Some people take years to recover from the surgery. However, with proper post-surgical care one can heal from surgeries sooner than expected. One of the best treatments for Post Surgical Therapy San Diego is lymphatic therapy. It can provide symptomatic relief after surgery and help in reducing the pain, redness, swelling caused by the adverse health condition or surgery.

The focus of Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage Massage San Diego and lymphatic Massage Therapy lymphedema San Diego is the lymphatic system. It helps the lymphatic system in removing toxins and cellular debris from the body that are causing the problem in the body. The protocol of this massage is designed in a way that any blockage in the lymphatic system can be removed and the normal flow of lymph fluid would be restored after the massage. Lymphatic massage is also knowns as lymphatic drainage massage as the procedure involves draining of the toxins, cellular debris, build-up fluid and harmful substances from the

Before the session of lymphatic massage starts, it is recommended to take consultation sessions with a Lymphedema Therapist san diego and explain what your expectations from the massage are and for what exactly you want to undergo this massage. This massage involves gentle pressure applied to the body in a special pattern along with pumping movement in the direction of lymph nodes and the affected area. It combines the relaxation technique of Swedish massage and deep digital pressure conducted by shiatsu. It takes 30 minutes to 2 hours for one session of lymphatic massage depending upon the condition. It may target one part of the body or whole-body part as required or suggested by the therapist.

Lymphatic Massage Post-Surgery San Diego can provide great relief after surgery. Other than aches and scars, surgeries leave behind a stressful mind and body. A massage of this caliber can heal the body and helps in restoring the normal functioning of the lymphatic system and immune system. It stimulates the body’s innate recovery machinery and speeds up the recovery process by two folds. It is recommended to always book appointment with trained, certified and experienced lymphatic massage therapist.

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