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What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT) is a short-term, evidence-based psychotherapy that is a mixture of behavior and cognitive therapy. Behavior therapy traces its original roots to work done by Ivan Pavlov in the early 1900s and gained importance in the late 1950s. However, cognitive therapy was developed by Aaron T. Beck in the 1960s and gained prominence in the 1970s.
At URP, we offer Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for children, adolescents, and adults who need help managing their emotions and overcoming problems in their lives.
CBT is founded on the notion that thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have impacts and tend to influence each other. In doing so, it brings out and maintains an array of negative emotions and psychological problems. CBT approaches assist in preventing and treating psychological issues by targeting three main areas to aid individuals:
1. Identify and name emotions and learn many strategies to accept and regulate emotions.
2. Become aware and learn various skills to accept and change unhelpful thoughts that cause and maintain negative emotions and behaviors.

3. Become aware and learn various skills to transform behaviors that cause and sustain challenging thoughts and emotions, and hinder clients from living prosperous lives.
H2: An Appropriate Method of Treatment for a Variety of Disorders
Numerous research studies carried out by researchers worldwide have shown that CBT effectively addresses a wide range of problems in children, adolescents, and adults. CBT is proven to help people with many different conditions - mental health conditions and physical conditions.
• Anger.
• Body dysmorphic disorder.
• Chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME).
• Depression.
• Drug or alcohol misuse.
• Eating disorders.
• Habits, such as facial tics.
• OCD.
• Persistent (chronic) pain.
• Post-traumatic stress disorder.
• Sexual and relationship problems.
• Some sleep problems.

Compassionate, Evidence-based Psychotherapy Treatments
New clients meet with a therapist to talk about their goals and receive an initial evaluation to develop a treatment plan that is right for them. URP therapists can provide individual, family, and group therapies and will make customized recommendations from our broad array of unique and specialized programs.
URP’s Cognitive Behavior Therapy Programs (CBT) are compassionate, evidence-based psychotherapy treatments for individuals with a wide range of stress, anxiety, depression, habits, attentional and behavioral problems, parent-child conflicts, couple conflicts, and more.
CBT is organized, problem-focused, and short-term. The CBT therapist works in conjunction with the client and uses specific techniques to improve the client’s well-being and overall functioning. visit here


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