Tips to make you master your PGCE and overall teaching career

The new scholarly year is drawing nearer and aspiring individuals are anxiously standing by to begin their PGCE.
Given below are some of the tips from ex PGCE aspirants who are now established in their fields
Make most of the support and assistance
As a PGCE student you will have your own support group from where you can get much needed assistance as in from the University Tutors and placement officers.
Allow yourself to make mistakes
There’s nothing wrong in making a mistake, as long as you don’t repeat it, and most importantly when you learn from it. We are all humans and can make mistakes!
Make friends with your fellow PGCE aspirants

Making friends with your fellow PGCE students will always help your cause in the long journey you’ll be sharing with them. All of you have same goals and same struggles so it’s best to work as a group and support each other
Make a connection with your students

The best way to start teaching is by knowing and making a connection with your pupil and students. Making a connection will warm them up to you and will make the process of teaching, seamless and efficient.
Remember why you went into a teaching career

It can be tough sometimes, with having to juggle assignments, tests, teaching hours and the overall schedule. In times like those always remember your goals and aspirations. It will help you stay focussed and keep on working towards your aspirations.

It is Ok to be anxious and nervous about your PGCE student life, however have confidence your PGCE goals are totally achievable and the whole time spent can be an extraordinary encounter. To know more about the course and to avail the best training go to

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