The features of Kaspersky that attracted me

I run a small company, and I was looking for a tool that can provide security to my network. After doing a lot of reviews and researches, I decided to opt for Kaspersky small office security. The features of this tool are convenient and impressive.

Therefore, I would suggest you buy cheap Kaspersky. The features of this tool have made the work easier for me. The first thing I did was to use the trial version. It gave me a brief idea, and after that, I decided to bring Kaspersky to my office. So, here are the features that you should know.

• Data protection

Kaspersky small office security comprises all the tools that will help you to protect all the computers. Besides, it will also play a significant role in protecting the local area network. I found the antivirus software in the protection components. Other things that I found in protection components are firewall, application launch controls, and several other tools.

• Web policies

Another imperative feature that made me impressed is web policies. With the help of this feature, I can log and restrict user activity. When I purchased this tool, I found that by default, web policies are hidden. The options were:

• Soft restrictions
• Data collection
• Hard restrictions

• Data encryption

Most people neglect this feature. I used to neglect this feature, as well. But, for the sake of safety and protection of my company, I opted for this feature. My system comprises various personal and sensitive data, and thus, I took help from it. With the help of this feature, I can create a container. After that, I can keep the container in the folder of my preference. That folder will be encrypted. Only those who have the password can get access to that folder.

• Network monitor

Kaspersky small office security allows me to monitor my local area network precisely. Over time, I realized that if I can keep track of my LAN, it will ensure the security of my company's infrastructure. This feature helps me comprehend the outbound and inbound traffic of my individual computer. Also, I will get an idea of the amount of data my applications are processing.

• Management console

I was quite worried about the security of my system. However, with the help of this feature, I can change the security settings remotely. The best part is, I can change the settings of all the computers remotely. In addition, I can also scan all the resources. Hence, this feature is quite helpful when it comes to the security of your company.

• Data backup

It is one of the best features that I have found in this tool. Here, I have five options when I come to Data backup. These are:

• Desktop
• My documents
• Video files
• Images/photographs
• Music

This feature allows me to back up my important files not to have to worry in the future. For backing up, I have to set the backup schedule, location of the archives, and the number of copies I want.

• Password manager

I find it a bit hard to memorize different passwords. And during that time, this feature helps me a lot. It allows me to create a master password. Also, I can create pairs of logins that are crack resistant. Those passwords will stay safe and encrypted on the location of my preference.

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