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“Research proposal is a document which sets out the research design for a study”
This quote by authors Collis & Hussey, 2009, clearly highlights the importance of a proposal in your research process.
In the process of Masters Dissertation Writing for your research, you have to convince the committee that you have a unique project at hand and a great plan to develop it. This you will have to do through a research proposal.
Your proposal should discuss briefly about the areas of the specific subjects that your research is going to encompass. Your research proposal should also consist of the scope of the research that you are proposing.
The student should keep in mind that there is no single format for all research proposals. But care should be taken to include some elements in the proposal. Writing your research proposal is a valuable chance for you to tell what your project might achieve and convince the readers that it is important for them.
The research proposal examines whether the research design inviable. The proposal should consist of an outline of the research objectives. It should also cover a brief account of the earlier research in the topic area.
When you are writing your research proposal for your Master’s dissertation, you have to be clear about what you want to perform. So, going through the key papers on the subject will provide you with more idea. Contemplate on whether your ideas are practical and if it is in the affirmative, then you can choose it.
Now let’s go through the checklist for research proposal writing to make your process as smooth as possible:
Cover Page
Your cover page is the first thing that the committee will see in your proposal. Ensure that this page comprises all pertinent information.
It should consist of a brief and attractive title
Your name and qualifications
The department and university
Name of your supervisor
Table of Contents

Short proposals with fewer sections generally do not require a table of contents. In long proposals the table of contents presents all significant parts and divisions.
The introduction of a proposal starts with a short statement and then talks about the subject to a total stranger. The provision of background is very important in a research proposal so that it is understandable even by a layman. It should also present how its solution will develop the field or be significant for some other work.
Purpose of the study
This section elaborates on the objectives and required outcomes of your activity to obtain the answers for the research problem.
Literature review
This section showcases that you are knowledgeable of the diversity of material that is relevant to your research proposal. You should also be aware of the relative theories and studies. A good literature review must be well-structured and there should be logical flow of thoughts.
Research design
The research design’s main focus is to state your plans and procedures. It should state the research operations you will be using and the means you will be interpreting the outcomes of these operations.
The anticipated result
Though you won’t be having the results when you start writing your proposal, you should be having some ideas about the potential results.

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