Some Cleaning Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now

You might have seen many videos and read articles or blogs on house cleaning hacks and tips. But, do you think that all the hacks shared by the creators are true or really work? Well, that’s not true. Of course there are many cleaning tips and tricks that work awesomely but, also there are myths are very popular and people also start believing them. It takes a lot of efforts to clean your house and maintain tidiness and there’s nothing worse than doing harm more than good while cleaning your home. To help you to clean in the right way we have debunked a few of cleaning myths that might leading you to clean your home in the wrong way.

Myth: - Newspaper is the best way to clean glass

Do you really think that the printed newspaper can be used cleaning glasses? Well, its’ not! The damp or wet newspaper easily tears and leave the print on the glass, which leave more to clean. The best way to clean the glasses is using microfiber cloths.  Damp cloths are best to clean the glass surface and keep it shinier.

Myth: Vinegar cleans everything

Vinegar contains acid, so of course it can remove dirt and kill bacteria, but only when it is used full or in full strength. Many people add a capful vinegar in bucket full water, which don’t do much. Also, it is acid so it can harm or damage the natural stone and wood.

Myths: Feather dusters are the most effective way to remove dust

Feather dusters spread dust around instead of picking it up and remove. Experts say that microfiber and lambswool duster are the best to remove dust. Real ostrich feather dusters do attract dust, but they are too expensive hence, using a damp cloth and vacuum is best for dusting.

Myth: Cleaning solutions or products act instantly

Totally myth! Even the expert home cleaner professionals say that the solution needs to be seated on the surface for a few minutes and then wipe away. In fact the disinfectant doesn’t also work instantly and requires complete 10 minutes to kill the bacteria.

If you were using all these tricks while cleaning your home then you should stop believing these myths right now. Because by following these myths you are doing harm than doing good. And experts also suggest to sanitize or deep clean your house with the help of home sanitizing or disinfecting service provider in Delhi. This way you will keep your home clean and free from germs, bacteria and viruses.

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