Omni-channel Customer Experience for Telecoms

Improving customer experience is perhaps the most focused feature for Telecoms. And, obviously the goal for TSPs is all about leveraging technology to provide a connected, personalized, seamless and consistent experience across channels.
Why anomni-channel experience helps navigate the complex customer journey
Typically, take the case of a connected telecom customer who may traverse his journey via multiple points:
• Browse handset deals with plans on a portal
• Check on his phone or tab or laptop
• Read reviews on social media
• May visit a online store
• Or a physical store
His journey could be a really diverse one.A seamless, consistent experience is critical in such a situation. Similarly, addressing customer queries/complaints on various social channels effectively not only improves customer experience but also reduces customer churn and increases the Net Promoter Score (NPS).
Today, an effective Omni-channel strategy includes opportunity for the business to cross sell and upsell, self-help portals and well as intuitive, real-time personalization. To help customers navigate various touch points while providing them a great journey, telecoms now use responsive UI for multiple gadgets like desktops, tabs, smartphones. These offer a consistent experience with lowest technical intervention.
In simpler terms, the telecom customer demands a great experience across channels, an engagement that improves CX while reducing costs. An omni-channel strategy that is supported by a platform that integrates channels ensures that the customer journey is a smooth one. This truly makes customers happy.

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