Massage Etiquette Tips For Clients

If you are looking forward to having a great massage it is important for you to have any massage etiquette. Here are some massage etiquette tips to help you out.

1) The first thing you should do is booking your appointment before time. This will allow the therapist to arrange his or her other massage appointments. Do not be late for your appointment. Always arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than your appointment. It will offer you some time to rest and get comfortable with the atmosphere.

2) Make sure that you have showered before going for the massage and are clean. You should not be all sweaty and dirty. Also, drink a lot of liquid so you are fully hydrated before the massage. Avoid using any moisturizers as they can reduce the effect of the massage oils.

3) Before the massage starts you should talk to the therapist about your preference in song, lighting, and room temperature to make sure that you are comfortable. Even if something bothers you during the massage you should tell your therapist. However, do not interrupt the therapist again and again as it tends to diminish the effect of the whole massage session. You can make small talk with the massage therapist but do not chat a lot as it takes away from the whole calm and peaceful experience of having a massage.

4) Do not attempt to call anyone from your cell phone while having a massage. You should turn off your cell phone while you are having a massage. This is because talking on the cell phone is disrespectful towards your massage therapist and it also disrupts the serenity and the calmness of the massage therapy session.

5) It is quite a common thing to fall asleep while having a massage as the whole purpose of the massage is to make the body reach a calm and relaxed state. If you fall asleep during the massage your therapist will normally take it as a compliment. So sleeping is not a problem, but snoring can be annoying.

6) After the massage is done spend a few minutes at the massage table. This will help you to rest and cool down a little. Do not spend too much time on the table after the massage or you will feel a little sleepy again.

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