Lymphatic Massage Therapy for Lyme and Lipedema Disease

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing cellular debris, fluids build-up and any substances that are harmful to the body from the system through lymph vessels. It is one of the most important functions of a healthy human body. However, unlike the circulatory system, there is no pumping organ for the lymphatic system to provide the force required to pump the lymph fluid. It uses muscular contraction and vascular movement to maintain the normal flow. Any blockage in the lymphatic system can result in fluid-up around the affected area and can lead to the worse health conditions. In this scenario, the body needs lymphatic massage San Diego as it creates the force to resume the normal flow of the fluid and thus help the body in getting rid of harmful substances.

Lymphedema is the condition in which fat cells start depositing beneath the skin and push lymph vessels resulting in blockage or affected flow of the lymph fluid. As more and more fat cells deposited, it results in the fluid build-up around the affected area leading to swelling, pain, and enlargement of that area with puffiness. The skin becomes sensitive and a person suffering from this condition feels severe pain upon slight touch. Among the treatment available for this condition, lymphedema lymphatic massage San Diego is the best as it not only resume the normal flow of the body but also provides relief from pain, depression, and stress caused by this disease. A strict protocol is followed for lymphedema lymphatic massage San Diego. It starts by generating a light pressure through rhythmic stroked starting from the neck region, moving towards the trunk, and finally reaching the affected area which is mostly the upper legs. A very controlled and gentle pressure must be applied for Lymphedema Treatment San Diego through this method. In this way, the pressure is created from the upward region of the body and moves towards the affected area and forces the area to be cleared. Once the massage is done, a compression bandage is applied to the affected area to keep the fluid flow normal until the next session. It is recommended to undergo 3-5 massages daily frequency may differ according to the health condition.

Another very common lymphatic system disease is Lyme disease which is transmitted by the bite of an infected black-legged tick. People living around grassy and woody areas are more exposed to this disease. It is characterized by the formation of a rash followed by chills, fever, neck stiffens, and swollen lymph nodes. Lymphatic massage also provides symptomatic relief for this disease and lowers the pain and suffering of the patient and helps the body to remove the toxins causing obstruction in the lymph nodes. Once lymph nodes are free, lymph fluid with circulating properly and the ultimate result would be the reduction of swelling and pain.

You can find various Lymphedema Treatment Services and Lyme disease treatment San Diego san diego, however, before booking an appointment one must ask about the certification and experience of the massage therapy.

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