Increasing Popularity of Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Correspondence Course in Noida

Base of any healthcare organization is laid upon good nurses. Doctors provide one time treatment to the patients but it’s the nurses who look after the patients all the time in doctor absence. So any healthcare organization without good nurses cannot survive. Nursing is not like other professions where you work for money only. In nursing you need to make extra efforts every day to fulfill all your duties towards serving and treating your patients efficiently to help them recover faster.

Proper Care by Nurse to the Patient for their Fast Recovery

A nurse’s duty is not only to provide treatment to a patient but also to keep motivating and encouraging to take a step ahead for faster recovery and never let patients feel depressed with their illness. In India there are many nursing courses which a student can pursue after 12th. Most popular nursing courses of them are GNM nursing course, B.Sc nursing course & Post Basic B.Sc nursing course.

Post Basic B.Sc nursing course is a nursing course which is pursued by nurses to become high end professionals and to get opportunities for working with top level healthcare professionals. A nurse should have good team work capabilities to work in teams while managing large number of patients.

Eligibility Criteria for Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Correspondence Course
Eligibility Criteria for Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Correspondence in Gurgaon
• 12th with Science Stream
• Registered as a professional nurse with any state medical council
• Candidate should possess a basic nursing course degree (GNM, B.Sc Nursing)
• 2 years working experience after registering as a nurse

Candidates passed out from post basic B.Sc nursing correspondence in Noida can easily find decent jobs for themselves in government sector as well as private healthcare sector with good salary packages. Post-Graduation Degree holding nurses can also work as nursing teachers in nursing schools and institutions. Depending on the qualifications and specialization nurses can work on these common profiles.

• Chief Nursing Officer
• Rehabilitation Specialist
• Critical Care Nurse
• Nurse Instructor
• Paramedic Nurse
• Nurse Manager
• Community Health Specialist
• Nursing Assistant

For students who want to pursue post basic B. Sc nursing course while studying SVM College of Nursing offers them post basic B.Sc nursing correspondence in Delhi. Our designed two years post B.Sc nursing correspondence course in Delhi involves classroom teaching and hand on practice. We also arrange special educational medical visit for our students in different areas to study and provide treatment to people who are far distant from any healthcare organization.

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