How Lymphatic Massage Therapy Can Effectively Treat Lymphodema and Lyme disease

If you are suffering from lymphedema or Lyme disease you might be searching for the right treatment for these diseases. There are very few options available to cure these diseases, especially lymphedema because the cause of this condition is still unknown. You might have heard about lymphatic drainage massage san diego, which is one of the best treatments for these health conditions. The best thing is the convenience of this therapy because you can simply appoint a Lyme disease specialist san diego to treat you at home.

Lymphedema is a condition in which fat cells start depositing abnormally beneath the skin, resulting in obstruction of lymph fluid as the fat buildup pushes lymph vessels. This results in swelling and puffiness of affected areas (usually upper arms area and upper legs area) which is very painful. Lyme disease, on the other hand, is very common in people living around grassland as it is transmitted by the bite of an infected black deer tick. It transfers bacteria where it bites and as a result, a rash appears along with other symptoms. One of the adverse symptoms of Lyme disease is lymph node blockage that can also lead to the impaired lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage therapy is the best lymphedema treatment san diego as it can relieve pain, swelling, and boost the immune system along with restoring the normal flow of lymph.

What makes lymphatic drainage san diego different from usual massage therapies is the fact that rhythmic strokes are given to the patient to promote the normal circulation of blood and lymph fluid especially towards the affected area. A pre-described is method is used for lymphatic massage as the patient suffering from it has very sensitive skin. Instead of applying hard pressure a very light rhythmic pressure is applied to start from the neck moving towards the affected area. The wisdom behind starting from the neck is that the neck region has maximum numbers of lymph vessels and thus a good pressure can be created which will help in normalizing the flow of the affected area.

If you have lymphedema, Lyme disease or any other lymphatic system related disease, you must seek immediate professional assistance. Often symptoms are confused with other diseases, however, if you will visit a well-established lymphedema clinic san diego, you might be diagnosed at the right time and you may have to suffer much less pain and stress due to these diseases. If you are suffering from, he symptoms like swelling, fever, chills, fatigue, weight gain, pain and puffiness around upper legs and upper arm region, then it is advisable to undergo lymphatic massage. Beside treating these diseases, lymphatic massage detoxifies the body from harmful substances, thus improves the immune system. It also relaxes the mind and body and help a person in releasing the stress and tension caused by the toxin built-up in the body. It is recommended to undergo lymphatic drainage massage once a month for relaxation purpose and 3-5 days per week if you are suffering from impaired lymphatic system.

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