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GoGas Dealership Packed, Auto LPG – India’s Leading LPG Company

Confidence Petroleum India Ltd

We at Confidence Petroleum India Ltd. (CPIL) have emerged as one of the prominent vertically integrated Liquefied Petroleum gas (LPG) PLAYERS in India. CPIL is the leading private player in the Auto-LPG segment and at the forefront of Auto-LPG, Packed LPG Marketing, LPG Bottling and Cylinder Manufacturing.

Established in the year 1993, over the past 25 years, The company has built a well-integrated state-of-the-art infrastructure including fleet of tankers for supply which has resulted in seamless execution capabilities and PAN India presence. The company is present across the value chain with businesses comprising Auto-LPG, LPG Cylinder Manufacturing, LPG Bottling, Blending and LPG marketing in Cylinders under the brand name Go Gas. CPIL sources, distributes, markets and supplies high-quality green fuel to retail, commercial and industrial customers across the country.

Confidence Petroleum India Limited is a BSE/NSE listed company by virtue of its entrepreneurial skills, innovative strategies and seamless execution, emerging as one of the fastest growing and leading private sector organization in India. The group has diversified business interests in the energy sector with significant presence in the LPG Energy. Keeping pace with the nation’s energy requirements.

• Network of 58 LPG Bottling & Blending Plants
• 209+ Auto LPG Dispensing Stations
• Experienced Professionals
• 1400+ Dealers & Distributors
• Present in 24 Indian states

Packed Cylinder Division

GoGas Packed LPG Cylinders are launched with a view to cater all the needs of LPG market which includes Commercial, Industrial and Domestic LPG uses. We are successfully delivering the needs of these markets through a network of 1400+ LPG Dealers in PAN India.

We have established a big infrastructure strategically so that we can provide timely delivery of our products along with the maintained Quality, Quantity and competitive Price. Our dedicated team always make this sure that whatever they do is drives towards the Company's Aim and the betterment of the society.
Domestic LPG

Instant gas connection, quick refill and prompt service are what GoGas offers. And it’s easy! Just pick up the phone and call now! GoGas has always understood the needs of Domestic LPG market and keeping this in mind GoGas launched good range of cylinders for Domestic purpose. We have 12Kg & 15Kg in Metal Cylinder for Domestic LPG uses.

• On Spot Connection
• Quantity & Quality Assured
• Hassle-free Services

Some of the reasons why you should opt for GoGas cylinders are:

• Instant Gas connection: Getting a gas connection with GoGas is easy, hassle-free and involves minimal paperwork. Provide documents & get a new LPG connection delivered within 48 hours.
• On-time Delivery: Refill is simple and easy. Just call and get a cylinder refilled within a few hours.
• Assured Quality and Quantity: With our stringent quality checks, customers get superior quality LPG and accurate weight.
• Prompt Service: Our on-time delivery, after-sales service and friendly staff make customers feel important.

In Composite Cylinder we have 2Kg, 5Kg and 10kg Cylinders for Domestic Use. GoGas provide the best Quality & Quantity along with the perfect LPG Pressure for all your cooking needs.

Commercial LPG
Commercial LPG Cylinders are made stronger and more dedicated pressure oriented with the view to serve best to the Commercial Market. Following are the key role players of Commercial market where LPG is used in a large quantity.

• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Hospitals
• Tea Kiosks
• Mess
• School
• College
• Office
• Canteens

Industrial LPG

Industrial LPG needs are very much different from other LPG needs. This Industry needs high pressure LPG Cylinders. Many times Industries uses LPG in a Bank where multiple cylinders are used at the same time. GoGas make sure that such needs are fulfilled with a perfect pressure and hence the blending of Propane & Butane is done separatly for this particular Industry. We have 33Kg .
There are many users of LPG in Commercial market, GoGas has serving them with 17Kg & 21Kg LPG in Metal Cylinder and 20Kg LPG in Composite Cylinder to fulfil their LPG needs.

Confidence Petroleum is serving nationwide. Confidence Group owes the credit of being the largest cylinder manufacturer in the industry with 15 facilities having an installed capacity of around 42 lakh cylinders per annum. Its 7.5 lakh unit per annum plant in Halol in Gujarat is a 100 percent export oriented unit (EOU).With Rich 26 year’s consistent experience, we cater to Our Major PSU’s like Oil Majors Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil, and private players like Reliance & Shell.

Auto LPG Dispensing Stations

Auto LPG is a Clean and Economical fuel as compared to Petrol. Abundant in availability, Easy to use are the benefits which makes LPG for Vehicles a popular choice in India.Auto LPG pricing is most economical as compared to Petrol in India Today. Auto LPG is 40 – 45 percent cheaper than petrol and in some cities it is almost 50 percent of the petrol cost. Go Gas operates India’s leading chain of 209 standalone Auto LPG stations. Auto LPG is a popular Fuel as far as economy, Saving and Environment friendliness is concerned.

GoGas has instituted 209+ Auto LPG Dispensing Stations spanning PAN India. The team aims to setup 500 stations over the next 5 years
Economical: 40-50 percent cost saving in comparison to petrol.
Efficient: Improves engine life and reduces recurring maintenance costs.
Easy: Trouble-free conversion of petrol/diesel vehicles to run on GoGas using Auto LPG Dispensing Stations conversion kits.


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