Expert Tips to Maintain Your Ombre Hair Wig

When you use your ombre hair wig for the first few times, it offers you the best look and can barely be differentiated from your own hair. However, with time your wig seems to fade, and what was once glamorous and silky may turn into a tangle of dry, lifeless hair. Even with your best efforts, such wigs can hardly be restored, and even when you wear such a wig, one can quickly figure out the fact that you are using a wig.

Under such circumstances, you will be forced to replace your wig again and again and lose a significant amount of money. However, there is one way in which you can skip this hassle and this additional cost. The answer lies in maintenance. When you maintain your wig from the very first time, your wig lasts longer and does not lose its glow even with regular use.

Wondering how to do that? Read below to find easy tips from styling experts on wig maintenance.

Understand Your Product

The first step that you can take towards ensuring the long life of your wig is understanding it in depth. Ombre wigs of human hair are significantly different from the wigs that are made out of synthetic material. Each of these wig types requires a specific type of maintenance, so it is best to find out complete details about it before you begin to use it.

Use Wig Friendly Products

While human hair wigs can be treated like your own hair and do not deteriorate with regular products, it is not so in the case of synthetic wigs. Even high-quality synthetic wigs cannot withstand the use of regular products and tend to get tangled and lose color. So, when you opt for synthetic wigs, make sure that you switch to wig friendly products for your styling. Even with the human hair wigs, make sure that you use mild products only and do not let them accumulate for too long.

Use A Wide Toothed Or Wig Comb

Wigs are specially woven in such a way that they tend to be thicker than your normal hair. Using too densely toothed comb tends to break pull the wig hair, weakening them at the roots, and the strands ultimately fall off with use. A thinned out wig will barely serve the purpose for which you have bought it. In order to avoid such thinning, the best solution is the use of a wide-toothed or a wig comb. These types of comb untangle your wig without exerting pressure on the roots. So, the wig remains good for a longer time.

Wash It At Intervals

Just as your normal hair gets dirty with time, your wigs to accumulate dust and dirt and styling products over time. That is why it is essential to wash your wig from time to time. Use the appropriate kind of shampoo for your wig, depending upon whether it is a synthetic wig or a human hair wig. Do not forget to use conditioner and serum after you have washed it. Blow-dry using minimum heat and then comb it before storing it away. In this way, the shine of your wig will remain intact

Do Not Cut At Home

If you are bored with the same style of your wig, you may want to cut it and style it in a different fashion. However, giving your wig a haircut by yourself is a strict no. Always take it to a professional stylist for such jobs. Your stylist will able to trim your wig in such a way that it suits the shape of your face. Further, since wigs retain their shape, taking them to a professional once means that the setting will remain intact throughout.

Invest In A Good Quality Wig

All your efforts at maintenance will come to naught if you have not bought the right quality wig. Despite the best efforts at maintenance, the low-grade wigs deteriorate and lose color over time. So in place of spending your money again and again on different wigs, it is best to invest in one good quality wig for life. The best quality wigs are undoubtedly the human hair wigs that are very easy to manage and do not get tangled even with repeated use.

Further, also make sure that the human hair wig that you opt for is of virgin quality and is close to the color of your own hair. Also, take note of the hair texture and whether it has been hand woven or prepared in the industry. A little bit of attention right at the time of buying the wig can yield the best results throughout its life.

Now that you have these expert tips in hand, use them to your advantage and ensure that your ombre hair wig offers you the best look throughout.

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