Different Types of Computer Software Applications

A software application is a set of instructions or a computer program that is designed to perform specific task. Any application developed or designed in an environment (programming language) using specific keywords and syntax is called a “software”. There are different types of software that perform various operations.

Some software helps in business operations, some are developed to secure the files and the computers, while some are designed for entertainment purpose. This article discusses different types of computer software.

Antivirus software
Antivirus software is a software or a program designed to identify, prevent and remove the malicious computer programs like virus, trojans, worms, spyware, etc.

Examples of anti-virus software are AVG antivirus, Kaspersky antivirus, etc.

Operating system
Operating system is very essential for any computer. It is a software that is designed to co-ordinate with the hardware of the computer and enable communication between user and the applications.

Examples of operating systems are Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, etc.

Media players
These software are designed to play or run multimedia files. While some play both audio and video files. Some are restricted to any one-audio or video. These are called audio players or video players.

Examples of media players are VLC player, Windows Media player, etc.

Productivity software
Productivity software are designed to perform the task easily reducing the efforts and time spent by the humans and increase their productivity. Productivity software can perform complex calculations, draft word documents, manage databases, design presentations, etc. Some are open source and are available for free, while some are proprietary products and users need to pay for such software.

Examples of productivity software are Windows Office Suites,, LibreOffcie, etc.

Programming tools or software
Programming tools or software helps design new software or application. These are also called programming languages. They provide specific keywords and methods that have to be followed to develop or design an application.

Examples of programming languages are Java, C language, etc.

Games are gaining a lot of popularity. There are millions of games available, and every day more and more games are getting developed. Computer games are a kind of computer programs that are developed using one of the computer languages. Adding a lot of graphics and multimedia features to it makes a program run in the form of a game.

There are millions of software present in the market, some are big and expensive, while some are small and cheap or free, but the intention of all the software is to perform the given task.

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