Difference Between iOS and Android Testing

Even though there are different types of operating systems are there, iOS and Android are the most used operating systems in the world. The major differences between iOS and Android testing along with some important mobile app testing tools are shown below.

iOS Mobile App Testing Features

iOS apps can be downloaded from apple’s digital platform i.e. App Store only
As there are very less number of iOS devices are there, the testing process will take very less time
The iOS is developed by Apple and they understand their design. So, testing is as there is only one manufacturer
The iOS capacity planning is not complex but necessary
iOS is a closed-source operating system and uses the XNU kernel
iOS users can install the updates on all iOS devices at once as there is only one manufacturer
There are only a few numbers of devices with resolutions compared to Android devices

Android Mobile App Testing Features

Android apps are able to download from the Google Play Store and from some other websites too
There are a large variety of Android devices available. Hence, the testing process will take a long time
Android devices are available from various manufacturers that have different design and functionalities to test all of them is crucial
The capacity planning is crucial for Android as there are many Android devices
Android is Google’s open-source operating system and uses mostly Linux OS
The updates for Android take a long time to be available depending on various devices and their manufacturers

Mobile App Testing Parameters for both iOS and Android

System Type

Ios is a closed-source operating system developed by Apple. It uses XNU kernel built-in C/C++ and Objective C. Whereas Android is an open-source operating system developed by Google with the help of Linux OS built-in C/C++. Hence mobile app testing process is easy for iOS devices while compared to Android.

Types of Devices

As there are a large variety of Android devices are there, so the mobile testing process will go under longer deployment process, whereas iOS consists of only one manufacturer the deployment process will be done within a short period of time

Software Upgrade

For Android devices, manufacturers will be different depending on the type of device. Hence whenever a software update got released there is no chance of upgrade for all Android devices at once. Whereas iOS has only one manufacturer all iOS users can upgrade their devices at once. Here testing is easy for iOS devices as there is only one manufacturer and one design coming to Android it is difficult to test all functionalities and design as it contains a different type of manufacturers.

Screen Resolution

As there are plenty of varieties in screen sizes and layouts for Android devices the testing process will be difficult whereas most of the iOS devices screen resolution and functionalities will be similar so that testing will be very easy

App Stores

As iOS contains only one manufacturer called Apple, iOS apps are able to download only on the App Store. Whereas Android apps are available from Google Play Store and some external websites too. In this case, it is crucial to test Android mobile apps compared to iOS apps.
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