Benefits of Lymphatic Massage Therapy

Dercums disease is one of the rare diseases, however, people affected with it must suffer a lot of pain, swelling, and depression. It is characterized by fatty lump growth in the affected areas which are mostly legs and arms. The exact cause of the disease is still unknown. Some believe it to be of hereditary nature, some research points out towards autoimmune disorder and some even think it may be result of hormone and nervous system problems. No one knows for sure. Therefore, medical treatment of Dercums Disease Treatment San Diego is still not designed.

Obese women, middle-aged women or those who have surpassed the menstruation stage are more at the risk of dercums disease. Those suffering from this disease will notice the formation of fatty lumps all over the body. The most affected area are the torso, upper legs, and upper arms. These lumps press nearby nerves and cause severe weakness and severe pain. If you are suffering from symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, pain in upper arms and legs, then seem immediate medical attention to get it to diagnose. The most common symptomatic treatment available for dercums treatment San Diego is lymphatic therapy, acupuncture, medication, and surgery. These treatments can be grouped together for more effective results. One of the effective treatments is Lymphatic Services for Dercums San Diego.

The lymphatic system consists of lymph vessels and nodes who are responsible for draining toxic material from the body. An active and healthy lymphatic system make use of the natural movement of the muscles of the body to drain waste material from the body. However, certain health conditions like dercums disease, venous insufficiency, and few others can result in a malfunctioning lymphatic system. Venous insufficiency is a disease in which blood is not returned to the heart from the legs due to obstruction in the vein or venous valve. Its results information of the pool around the veins area called stasis. As a result, the legs are swollen and cause pain. Lymphatic Services for Venous Insufficiency San Diego and dermus disease can provide symptomatic relief to the patient. The procedure starts by building pressure from the neck moving towards the torso area and finally reaching to the legs. This ensures that the pathway is clear to conduct drainage of the toxic and harmful material. Once the procedure is done, a compression bandage is applied to keep the follow of lymph fluid normal until the next session. The frequency of sessions requires depends on the condition of the patient. In severe cases, 3-5 sessions per week is recommended for Lymphatic Therapy Services San Diego.

There are numerous benefits of undergoing lymphatic therapy other than pain reduction and sympatric relief to the patient. It also helps a person in fighting against depression and reduces the stress level. It helps a person to slowly come back to normal activities of life. It improves the blood and lymph fluid circulation and improves the condition of the skin and underlying tissues. Make sure that the therapist is certified before booking an appointment.

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