Ad creative tips during a crisis

In times of crisis, the average person isn't really concerned about going out and buying the next greatest and latest product or service that’s out there. Instead, they are more concerned with making sure that their family is safe and that they have everything they need to safely navigate the crisis. For advertisers, it's all about remembering that people are fearful and may not have a ton of disposable income during troubled times. They don't want to be bombarded with ads for things they don't really need. This is where advertisers need to get a little more creative in delivering their message to the masses. There are some things that seem to work well for advertisers during a crisis, so let's take a look at a few.

Work with video advertising
Since advertisers know that there may not be a rush on their products or services in a time of crisis, there is no need to advertise huge promotions or deep discount coupons. Advertisers can take time to allow consumers to get to know their products more intimately so that they will be better informed when it does come time to start buying again. Video ad serving is best for showing the ins and outs of a product and how it can benefit the average consumer. It’s also a fantastic way to put a face to the business.

Spread a sense of calm
In crisis times, people are going to be more stressed than usual, so now is not the time to be putting together a flashy ad campaign that delivers a hard sell. When making videos or banner ads, think about using color schemes that are naturally calming. When talking, slow down the pace and adopt a soothing tone. Think of delivering a message that feels personal as opposed to one that promotes a herd mentality.

Recommend best actions
As an advertiser, your goal should always be to put the customer first, but that is especially true in times of crisis. When creating videos or running other types of ads, try to put together a set of actions designed to help people get through to the end of the situation, however long it may last. You could also encourage people to help others, but the best way to do that is to lead by example.

Project a positive image
This is something that should be standard for any business but it’s especially important in troubled times. Keep your brand and business in the mind of the customers by helping people and community in any way you can. Make sure to do it in a way that does not look as though you are patting yourself on the back.

Look forward to a better future
No matter how bad things get, we always find a way to pull through. Help your customers envision the way forward to a brighter future. Your message should reflect that in every piece of marketing that you do. You might want to talk about better times in the past that viewers will enjoy, before looking ahead to the happier times to come, all while talking about the role that your products or services will play in that.

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