Ace your AET course microteach session through these tips

The term Micro-teaching session in AET courseinvolves conveying a short mock teaching session, ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, among a group of teacher students, presided by the instructor or mentor of the group.

It’s done under a simulated and friendly environment so that the future teachers can hone their teaching capabilities before they teach in real life scenarios and students.

Some, due to their personality, naturally do well while some may feel a bit out of their elements for the first couple of times.

Here are some tips to ease off and excel

Plan ahead and summarize beforehand

One of the most obvious tips is to be prepared before the session. Just summarize what you need to speak about, how you will explain and some questions that may come your way. Rehearse once or twice before your session.

Manage the time well

A microteach can last from 10 to 20 mins or even 5. So, take into account the time allocated and be prepared for any time duration.

Make use of the resources

Make use of multiple resources in your session. If it’s a presentation, emphasize on the points. Use the audio/visual mediums, make most of interactive and multimedia contents to get your point across.

Indulge the pupils

While delivering your session, make sure to get the pupils involved, preferably through communication, both direct and indirect. Ask the group questions about the subject and have their inputs. Maintain eye contact with as many as you can and if possible all of them.

Be in charge

Remember when you are in the middle of a session, you are the one who is in charge. Be confident and authoritative to establish your presence as the teacher. Maintain the right posture and establish your ease as the teacher

Keep calm and patient

If you feel nervous or are at a loss of words during session, try asking the group about their inputs or their inference of the topic. This will give you scope and time to pull yourself up and get an idea of talking points.

Microteach sessions for the AET course offers highly significant chance to show aptitudes, information and comprehension in a non-undermining condition.With these tips you can be now more confident and have a great session. To know more about the course and to avail the best training go to

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