What You Should Know Before Pursuing Post B.Sc Nursing Course

Post B.Sc nursing course is a 2-year undergraduate program, eligible for candidates who have a keen interest in nursing. This holds the responsibility for nurses to act as a healthcare professional in a hospital. Treat patients by providing their extensive hand-on care regarding monitoring their medical conditions of the patients, maintaining records, assisting doctors in surgeries & treatments and taking care of the patients.

In this post basic B.Sc nursing training, students are provided within lecture training along with hands-on training for a better view towards responsibility. Admission for the programs depends upon university criteria, wherein admission happens sometimes on direct merit basis or there is admission exam conducted as an entrance test.

Candidates must possess the following skillset:

1.Compassion: Caring, lovable and sympathetic attitude.
2.Stamina: Capability to handle long work hours if required.
3.Communication: The role after completion of post basic B.Sc nursing correspondence course leads to communication with doctors along with patients.
4.Patience: It is the key skill in almost every workspace, especially when you are dealing with patients.
5.Discipline: Being punctual & professional at work is a rule.
6.Up to date: Knowledgeable on constant development in the nursing program.

Job position after pursing a distance learning in post B.Sc. nursing course

Nurses play an equally important role as other healthcare specialist does in the medical field. Without this, the patients will never be able to feel comfortable and happy. Candidate with the degree of post B.Sc nursing course will be able to gain great positions in private hospitals, nursing homes as well as rehabilitation centers, NGO’s along with government hospitals too. However, the candidate to gain better opportunity and career scope look forward to completing post B.Sc nursing correspondence.

• Chief Nursing Officer
• Paramedic Nurse
• Rehabilitation Specialist
• Nurse Manager
• Critical Care Nurse
• Nursing Assistant
• Nurse Instructor
• Community Health Specialist

The objectives of Post B.Sc Nursing Course Program:

Nurses are associated with patients directly, which means they contribute their part to social change and impact. Following are the objectives of Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Course:

1.Provide nurses the opportunity to upgrade their skills, learn and understand professionalism in the health care sector.
2.Keep nurses up to date with the health needs that are constantly evolving in the society.
3.Developing teaching, administrative as well as other skills related to health care research.
4.Promote the growth of nurses in professional along with personal aspect to bloom the career.

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