Top-Rated and Reliable Medium Density Fiberboard Products

Woodiff Timber was started in 2002. Since 2202, Woodiff Timber has grown distinctly mainly by its specialism in MDF, Melamine, Veneered, Polyester, European Beech and Laminate MDF products globally. Woodiff Timber is a reliable and reputable Wood trading Company that specializes in top quality Timber logs supplies, Lumber supplies and Medium Density Fiberboard supplies throughout Africa, Australia, China, Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.


We supply Construction-grade timber and engineered forest products to provide you with both exactly what you need to build what you are planning as well as the great low pricing. We have an extensive range of products includes Blockboard, Chipboard, Doorskins, Decorative Paper, Film Faced plywood, Particleboard, Sawn Timber, Laminate MDF, Special Purpose MDF, Commercial Plywood, Raw/ Plan MDF, Wood Pallet and Packing Timber, African Timbers, European Beech, Veneered Plywood, Polyester Plywood, Malamine Faced Plywood, Hard board and woodchips. We aim to take care of all your home improvement needs. Our wood timbers are used for building material sectors. We get weekly supply of fresh cut lumbers from reputed sawmills in Turpange serving as the central hub.


We are expert of Oak Wood Supply in Frankfurt, Germany, Okoume Supply in Frankfurt, Germany, OSB Supply in Frankfurt, Germany, Padouk Supply in Frankfurt, Germany, Pine Wood Supply in Frankfurt, Germany, Teak Wood Supply in Frankfurt, Germany and Walnuts Logs Supply in Frankfurt, Germany. We provide re-exporting services to countries in the Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East region. We buy all major timber species from the Romania, Austria, Croatia, Germany and the Baltic States and buy Forest chips, Log chips, Whole tree chips, Stump chips, Logging residue chips, softwood bark, logs, and energy wood.

We specialize in the timber recycling and delivery of our top-notch timber and wood products and add value in each stage of the supply chain. We offer reliable and durable round logs and lumber like Oak, OSB, Padouk, Pine, Teak, Walnuts, Spruce and much more. If you have any questions about our timber and related products & service, or you are looking about the quantities you will need for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Today take a look at!!



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