Procedure to increase the speed of your Chromebook

You can get many benefits by using Chromebooks, but sometimes, it takes more time to start and runs slowly over time. There are many reasons for this condition of Chromebooks. If you install many extensions, all of these extensions run in the background. It causes slow down the speed of Chromebooks. Usually, Chromebooks have limited storage capacity. If you install many apps or download and store many files, Chromebooks becomes slower to act. 

But, there are many ways which can help you to speed up your Chromebooks which have been slow down and some ways are given below.

Eliminate the old extensions and unnecessary apps

Old extensions and unnecessary apps can use the system resources to run in the background. So, you can regularly check to uninstall apps and extensions which have become old and no use. If you want to check the recently installed apps or extensions, you will click on the menu button. Then, you can navigate more tools and extensions. When you open the extensions page, you will get the list of apps which have been installed. 

You should go through the list and find out which are not in use or not essential. Then, click on the remove button by selecting those apps and extensions.

Take the help of task manager to identify the issues for potential performance

Chrome OS has the option to get the task manager which offers information about everything which is presently going on within the system. If you have any kind of sudden issue within the system, it is the right decision to connect the task manager. You will click on the button of the chrome and select the more tools. Then, you will choose the option for the Task Manager.

Remove unnecessary files or add an SD card to get more storage options

Generally, Chromebooks have limited storage capacity. So, you can remove unnecessary files to clear the storage. If you want to delete unnecessary files, you have to open download folder where you can find all stored files. Then, selecting the unnecessary files, you can delete them. Otherwise, you can add an SD card to store additionally.

Change your Chromebooks

Generally, old models of Chromebooks have a limited number of options for the hardware department. So, they get filled easily, and your Chromebook become slow down. Then, you will have to replace your Chromebook with a new Chromebook. It will help you to get the desired speed of the Chromebook.

By following the above-mentioned procedures, you can increase the speed of your Chromebook, and you can perform your work smoothly. Trend Micro antivirus can be hired when you are facing issues. 

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