McAfee Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10 64 Bit Computer

McAfee Antivirus for Windows 10 is a great name in the world for protecting PCs. Like many software companies, they also offer a free version of their software with a paid version. Likewise, McAfee also offers its free version, but it is a bit lower than others. It will provide limited protection and limited assistance to its users. It will remind you continuously to use your premium version after paying.

Benefits and features :
Your threat analysis in the cloud will protect you from viruses and rescue software, even without slowing down your work. It has a multi-factor application to manage your passwords. It will be useful to see you through dangerous sites, links or files. This will make everything safe for children.
The file destroyer is simple but effective, allowing you to safely wash items in the trash, temporary network documents or any other document you specify. They are automatically overwritten when, but you can increase this security if you prefer. A brilliant marketing component shows a map of computers and associated devices. You can get hyperlinks for the software to keep PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices and display devices once installed.

McAfee Antivirus free download performance :
His performance is a little annoying; He will continually tell you to convert it to a premium version. This will minimize the bandwidth usage. This encrypts your storage. Manage the protection of your devices via an easy-to-use web page. It will not provide very good performance compared to its premium version.

Operative system :
Its operating systems are Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 (32 and 64 bit). It can also support Mac OS 10 × 10. 12 or higher. It is also compatible with Google Android smartphones and tablets, Apple iOS 10 or higher.

Support on Webbrowsers :
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and a few others. A broadband Internet connection will be required to operate. For Anti Spam, some email programs, such as Outlook, Netscape, Windows Mail, and others, are supported.

Support for Mcafee Antivirus :
You can get free customer service by phone, chat or online.

How to Remove McAfee Antivirus From Windows 10 Computer PC:

Step 1: Right-click on the “Start button”. And select“Programs and Features”.

MacAfee Antivirus Right click on the Start button

Step 2: Select the Menu McAfee Antivirus Plus 2019 in the interface;

Step 3: Right-click McAfee Antivirus Plus 2019 in the interface section and next steps.

Step 4: Choose the Uninstall/ Change button from both ? and ? is OK;

MacAfee Antivirus Choose the Uninstall

Step 5: Restart the computer right away or do it later.

You Can Delete its Remaining Files/Folders and Registry Entries:
Next, it will move to delete all its files/folders and registry entries remaining in the computer:

Step 1: Go the “Star Manu”;

Step 2: Click “Run”;

Step 3: Type “regedit” in the Open box, Click “OK”;

You Can Delete its Remaining Files

Step 4: Confirm the opening of Registry Editor Window;

Confirm the opening of Registry Editor Window

Step 5: Press the shortcuts of Ctrl + F to open the search box in Registry Editor;

Press the shortcuts of Ctrl

Step 6: Type the program name “McAfee Antivirus Plus” in the search box;

Step 7: Delete the target file once it has been searched out;

Delete the Mcafee antivirus target file once it has been searched out.

Step 8: Reboot your computer to confirm removal.

if you see McAfee Antivirus Plus 2019 in the “Star Manu” when clicking it, then uninstall it straightly.

Reboot your computer to confirm removal

Or make use of “App & features” in Setting. And uninstall McAfee Antivirus Plus 2019 with all flies and entries

make use of App features in Setting

At last, the deletion of its related files and folders is a necessary step to remove McAfee Antivirus Plus 2019, Or any other removing software in any windows system. So you should be careful when you doing this.

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