Is McAfee Antivirus Any Good In 2019?

These days, there are several kinds of antivirus solutions available. If you want to buy one, then selecting an antivirus can be a daunting task. McAfee is a robust and efficient antivirus. This post will let you through the advantages of installing McAfee antivirus on your system.

Online Threats

As the technology around the world is improving daily, so are the misuses of it. One of the significant abuse of technology is online malicious thefts and infections. Online viruses, malware, and infections are some of the most prevailing threats all over the world. The statistics for these threats are astonishing as in 2018; there were more than 750 million breaches across the globe within a span of three months only. Numerous threats are floating on the internet, and if you browse online without any cybersecurity, then you are prone to these threats. This could result in a major loss of sensitive data and information. The best way to avoid this is to get antivirus software.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus locates and terminates threats to your system. It also provides protection when you are browsing through the internet. The market is filled with numerous antivirus software that claims to offer total protection to your PC. There are over thousands of antivirus available on the market. Significant companies provide antivirus for you to install, but the best among the group is Mcafee antivirus.

Source:- Is McAfee Antivirus Any Good In 2019?


McAfee Antivirus

McAfee has been around the market since 1987, and it offers the best antiviruses for your system. McAfee is recognized globally for providing the best antiviruses as it protects your device from every online threat. Be it a virus, malware, Trojan, or worm McAfee antivirus can handle them all. The antivirus system optimizes your system to allow smooth and safe browsing. If you are looking for antivirus software, then McAfee is your choice.

McAfee antivirus features

McAfee offers several key features and functions to ensure smooth browsing. Some of them are:

  • All-round protection
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Versatile Compatibility
  • Customized Scans
  • Online Protection
  • Updates
  • Ease of use

Now let's talk briefly about them,

All-round protection

McAfee antivirus provides protection against several online and cyber threats like Trojans, malicious programs, viruses, and malware. No matter what the threat is, McAfee can handle them.

Real-Time Protection

Aside from all-round protection, McAfee offers real-time protection as well. You do not have to launch the McAfee app every time you plug in a new device to your system. The moment you connect any other device McAfee starts scanning it.

Versatile Compatibility

McAfee antivirus is available for every OS. You can find it for a mobile device, tablet, Windows, or Mac.

Customized Scans

Depending on your needs, the antivirus offers customized scans. There is a Quick scan for a surface scan, full scan for full system scan, and custom scan for a specific folder scan. This improves user accessibility and saves time as well.

Online Protection

McAfee does not stop with device protection and also protects the system while browsing the internet. It stops threats from infecting the system, and it warns the system before browsing a risky website.


Online threats update regularly, and so does the McAfee antivirus. It updates to keep up with the malicious online threats and provide optimum protection.

Ease of use

The antivirus has a simple user interface and is straightforward to use. Even if you have never installed an antivirus before, you will still be able to operate it efficiently.

With so many features and McAfee’s reliability, you should always opt for it.

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