How You Can Create 3D Photos In Facebook

Facebook is amongst the most popular social media apps around the world. It connects billions of people across the globe. Facebook is mainly popular for uploading of photos and videos and is a great and convenient way to connect with others.

On Facebook, users upload their photos as well as videos, tell about their whereabouts to other users, and much more all in one place. Besides its innumerable features, Facebook introduced a feature back in 2018 that allows you to create 3D Photos in the Facebook app. Many users still do not know about these features on Facebook.

If you are amongst the users who do not know how to create 3D Photos by using this new feature of Facebook, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I have mentioned step by step methods on how to create 3D photos on Facebook.

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Create 3D Photos In Facebook On iOS Devices

First of all, let’s discuss how can iOS users create 3D photos on Facebook on their iPhone or iPad. To create 3D photos on Facebook, follow the steps listed below:

  • First of all, turn on your iPhone and open up its camera by tapping on the camera icon.
  • Now, put the camera of your iPhone and iPad to the Portrait mode by swiping left on the camera screen.
  • Set your iPhone and iPad at a sufficient distance from your face.
  • After that, click the photo by tapping on the snap button available.
  • After capturing the snap, exit from the camera and open the Facebook app installed on your iOS device.
  • There lies an option called ‘What’s On Your Mind,’ tap on it and choose the 3D photo option available.
  • After tapping on the 3D photo option, Facebook will open your camera and will show you the Portrait photos you have captured on your iOS device.
  • Tap on the specific photo you want to upload and wait for a moment till Facebook generates the photo in 3D. After that, tap on the Next button.
  • At last, add a caption with your photo and upload it.

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Create 3D Photos In Facebook On Android

If you are an Android user and do not know how to create a 3D photo in Facebook installed on your smartphone. Follow the guidelines to do so in no time:

  • First of all, open the camera of your smartphone by tapping on the camera icon on the screen.
  • Now carefully choose Live focus if you are a Samsung user, Portrait mode if you are using Google Pixel and Aperture mode if you have a Huawei smartphone.
  • Now, capture a photo which you would like to upload on Facebook.
  • Transfer the photo to your PC via Shareit, Email and with data cable and open it on your PC.
  • Open up the browser on your PC after getting the photo.
  • Now go to the Omnivirt’s site and select the depth extractor tool and open it up.
  • Now, browse the photo you are willing to see as a 3D photo.
  • Wait till the tool finishes the extraction and after the process completion. OmniVirt automatically downloads the Photo depth map on your computer Downloads section.
  • After that, open Facebook on your PC with the browser you are currently using.
  • There lies an option called ‘What’s On Your Mind’, click on it.
  • Select the 3D Photo option by scrolling a bit.
  • Now, drag the file that contains that image and depth map.
  • After that, click on the share button, and your photo will get uploaded in no time.


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