How to Troubleshoot Apps Not Downloading from App Store Issue in iPad Air 2019

Got a new iPad Air 2019, but are unable to take its full advantage because you cannot download apps from the App Store? Obviously, without applications, a device is nothing, no matter how many features it has. Don’t worry, your device is great; there could be several secondary reasons preventing you from downloading the applications and games. These include server downtimes or restrictions, network connection errors, insufficient storage, and software glitches. In some cases, an application would also not download because of incompatible or unsupported file format. In this article, you’ll get the simple and most effective solutions to fix your problem.

Here are the solutions to troubleshoot app not downloading from App Store issue in iPad Air 2019:

  • Refresh internet connection
  • Reboot/soft reset your iPad Air
  • Check and turn off restrictions
  • Sign in again to App Store
  • Try resetting all settings

Apply the following tricks on your iPad and after applying each solution, don’t forget to try downloading the application to find out the actual problem and check whether it is fixed or not. Continue applying the solution until the problem get resolved. Here is how to perform the above repairs in your iPad Air 2019.

Refresh internet connection

As App Store requires internet access to carry out tasks, you should first start checking your internet connection. It just doesn’t require internet connectivity, in order to download the apps you also must have a good internet speed. If your tablet is having sort of network connection issues, such as weak connection, no internet access, or slow speed, then undoubtedly you’ll face the trouble. When your internet connection is fixed, once again, you"ll be able to download the app.

There are various methods for refreshing the internet connection on an iPad, you do it through Airplane mode toggle, Wi-Fi toggle, or by power cycling your modem or router. To do it through Airplane mode toggle:

  1. Go to your iPad Settings.
  2. Select ‘Airplane Mode’ from the settings.
  3. Tap the toggle switch to turn on Airplane mode.
  4. Now, close all the settings and restart your tablet.
  5. Go back to iPad settings and select ‘Airplane Mode.’
  6. Now, tap the toggle switch again to turn off Airplane mode.

After refreshing your tablet, open the ‘App Store’ and try downloading an app.

 Reboot/soft reset your iPad Air

Maybe you’re encountering the problem because of minor firmware crashes or in-app glitches. Refreshing the internet connection won’t fix these issues. If refreshing the network connection won’t help, then you should check for in-app glitches. Before you go ahead to reboot your tablet, make sure to quit the App Store and other programs. Also, remove the background running programs from recent apps. After quitting and removing all the background running programs, perform the below steps to reboot/soft reset your iPad Air.

  1. Make sure you’re on the home screen.
  2. Now, press and hold the ‘Top’ or ‘Side’ button.
  3. Release the button when Power Off slider comes up on your screen.
  4. Touch and drag the slider toward the right to power off your iPad.
  5. After at least half a minute, press and hold the ‘Top’ or ‘Side’ button again.
  6. And, release the button when the Apple logo comes up on your screen.

Once your iPad restarts, the minor app glitches will get cleared out, and you’ll be able to download the apps from the App Store.

 Check and turn off restrictions

If both the above solutions fail to troubleshoot the issue, then there is a higher chance that restriction is enabled on your tablet. Restrictions limit the downloading capabilities. To check whether it isn’t the reason for the issue, you need to turn off restrictions.

  1. Go to your iPad Settings.
  2. Open ‘Screen Time.’
  3. Then select ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions.’
  4. Go to the ‘Allowed Apps section’ and check the App Store downloads. It shouldn’t be restricted.

Sign in again to App Store

If the trouble is arising due to account error, then signing out and then signing in again to App Store helps to resolve the issue.

  1. Go to your iPad Settings.
  2. And, tap on your Apple ID at the top.
  3. Select ‘Sign out’ from the bottom.
  4. Insert your Apple ID password and select ‘Turn off.’
  5. Tap on ‘Sign Out’ and confirm.
  6. Wait for a minute and sign in again.

 Try resetting all settings

If doing everything still won’t allow you to download the apps from the App Store, then most likely there is a wrong setting preventing your App Store download, go to ‘Reset’ section under ‘General’ settings. And select ‘Reset all settings.’

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