How To Make A Photo Collage In Paint.NET: A Step By Step Guide

Most of the Windows users use Windows built-in Paint to draw and color images. Windows Paint is a staple Windows Painting tool for decades. Customizing drawings and paintings with Windows Paint is quite interesting and easy. Users get tons of drawing features, including color adjustments and advanced brush tools. On the other hand, Paint.NET app is as amazing as Windows built-in Paint tool.

Paint.NET offers some extra painting features which allow users to make creative, customized drawings and paintings as well as photo collages. A photo collage is a combination of multiple photos in a single frame which can be very beautiful if created properly. Paint.NET is an amazing application to create a photo collage, but very few users know how to do it. So, if you are among the users who do not know how to make a photo collage in Paint.NET, then you have come to the right place. Here lies a step by step guide to teach you how you can use this app to create amazing collages.

Step 1

First of all, open the Paint.NET on your Windows computer and then you need to set the file size by clicking on New to set the file’s resolution, height, and width. It depends on personal preferences.

Step 2

After that, you need to select layers from the menu and click on Import From File option available. Now, select the image you want in the collage and bring it into it by dragging it into the collage. In addition, you can use the small dots around that photo to resize it in the collage.

Step 3

Like it explained in the last step, you can drag a photo in your collage and to rotate and reposition it, highlight the image layer and choose to deselect from the toolbar and click on Rotate or Zoom or Ctrl + Shift + Z alternatively to do it.

Step 4

After selecting all the photos you want in the collage, you can add up some colors in background layers. To do so, choose bucket colors and fill up any of them in the background.

Step 5

To make your collage more attractive, now it’s time to add border and outlines around the images in the collage you have selected. To add up some border and online around the images, choose any image from the layers window and click on Effects from the menu bar options. After that, click on Object Outline in the drop-down window.

Step 6

After applying all the layers and outlines on the picture as well as on a background. It’s time to apply a suitable effect.

Step 7

To apply an effect on the collage you have created with your favorite images, select the color bucket option, and there lies an option of Effects appears next to the color adjustment. Click on it and choose an effect to apply on it.

Step 8

After the completion of the process, it’s time to save the collage in your Windows system. To do so. Click on the File option appears on the top left side of the screen and click on Save as from the options. Select the location from a new window appeared on the screen and click on the Save button available at the bottom right corner of that new window.


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