How to fix hp laptop support screen blackout| hp laptop support number

If you are experiencing HP notebook screen blackout problems then you can call the hp support phone number. Contact hp customer support to resolve various laptop issues such as laptop not working properly, display issue, horizontal lines on HP display and more. Experts provide a quick solution to fix problems affecting the performance of HP laptops. Users experiencing technical issues with the HP notebook can then call the hp laptop technical support number and find the right solution.

Process to solve hp laptop support screen blackout

There are several reasons that the laptop does not boot into the window OS. If the tool does not start, users can see symptoms to identify problems in the common area. If you find problems in common area then you can observe how to fix laptop screen blackout. Here you can find three steps to solve HP laptop screen blackout.

Step 1: Hard Reset

Resetting the laptop can fix many problems that lead to black screens. If the laptop suddenly goes black, the user should perform a hard reset.

First, the user must remove all media cards, USB devices, and others. You need to test the device without accessories.

You can also discount the adapter and remove the battery. Then press the power button for 10 seconds.

Reset the adapter, press the power button and see if the LEDs near the caps lock glow. Then check the fan turn and hear the sound of the disk drive.

If the HP laptop display remains empty after this process, connect the external monitor to test the laptop display.

Step 2: Connect external monitor to test laptop display

By using the hp laptop technical support number +1-800-396-0517 you can contact the experts and get the best solution for your laptop issues. Experts also provide step-by-step instructions for testing external monitor displays. External monitor testing helps if the laptop screen display is blackout, but users can hear sounds such as beep tones, fans, and others indicating that the device is powered on.

If the laptop screen does not see an external monitor, you can click f4 until the notebook screen displays the image.

The graphics driver conflicts with the laptop's LCD display if the image will be displayed on a laptop external monitor. Use call hp support for desktop to download and install the latest graphics drivers for devices connected to an external monitor.

Now you hear the sound of the operation, but the pictures are not visible, after that you can contact the laptop support number for hp Expert and get the correct solution to the blackboard issues of your laptop.

If you are unable to find your password, contact HP laptop Support. Support options are chatEmail or call HP laptop support toll free +1-800-396-0517 to speak with hp laptop support associates or visit our website:


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