How to Delete Blank Rows in Microsoft Excel quickly

The technique of deleting blank rows in Microsoft Excel sheet in the quickest way is easy though you must watch out for unintended consequences.

Blank rows are useless in most of the Microsoft Excel Sheets. Though blank rows are not that bad for most of the sheets, they are unnecessary and undesirable, so it is better to get rid of them all. Excel access blank rows as data ranges, and if blank rows exist in the wrong place, then it could inhibit many built-in features.


The good news is that the quick and easy way to delete blank rows from a data range in Microsoft Excel sheet is available. With the following easy technique, you can remove empty rows, but you must be careful too because it has the potential to destroy data. Once you select the data range, follow the below steps:


  1. Use keyboard and Press “F5.”
  2. Now go to Dialog Box, and then tap on “Special.”
  3. Tap on Blanks option and then click on “OK.”Now you must select the blank cells like A7: E7 and A10: E10.
  4. Now go to the “Home” tab and then click on the “Delete dropdown” available in Cells groups.
  5. Now choose “delete cells”. A dialogue box will appear on the screen with the Delete Cells Up option selected. 
  6. Now tap OK or to use the shortcut key, press (Ctrl)+ (-). Once you click OK button, then the selected range will automatically be deleted.


When you choose “Delete Cells”, it will delete the blank cells only that you chosen previously. In step 4 if you will select “Delete Sheet Rows”, it can destroy your all data to the right that you may not able to detect at that moment. Be careful while using the delete option because it is easy to choose the wrong option of Delete cells replacing with Delete Sheet Rows.


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