Hand-crafted Buddha Beads Mala, Sandalwood Beads Wrist Mala & Bracelet

Hands of Tibet is a family owned and operated online shop where you can find a variety of Tibetan style ritual items including Bell and Dorjes, Prayer Scarves, Prayer Wheels, Wall Hangings and all Tibetan fabrics at the most competitive prices. Our each mala is individually handcrafted using high-quality natural materials so some small variations in bead size, color, senses and shape are expected and display elegant and organic beauty of each mala. 

At Hands of Tibet, we offer larger, earthy Tibetan Style Malas, Prayer Flags, Singing Bowls, Bracelets, Prayer Flags, Prayer Scarves and home d├ęcor products including carpet, scrolls, Thangka Paintings, Wall Hangings (Batiks, Door Hangings and Tapestry) as well as wooden products with an unbeatable price. If you are seeking to buy the best quality Home Decor Tapestry in a variety of color and design, look no further than Hands of Tibet.  

 We are one stop online shop for Black Onyx Mala Beads, Chakra Singing Bowl, Prayer Flags, Rudraksha Bracelet, Sandalwood Bead Bracelet, Wood Bracelet, Wrist Mala Bracelets, Yak Bone Beads and 108 Buddha Beads healing Yoga Mala that can be used can be used in meditation to strengthen your inner vision, as well as aiding in the release of negative emotions to keep calm and focused.

Our all Malas are available in various different in size, length and color. We use original and top-quality material to make mala that help to enhance their self-awareness. These Malas or meditation beads usually feel relaxed, having better-focused attention, mindfulness and clam. These Malas or meditation beads are dependable and sophisticated tools used in tracking a mantra meditation which is also called as “Japa”. If you are in search of the Tibetan Mala collection, check out our mala counter at to find the one that is the best for you. Call us today at Hands of Tibet for more details and rates!

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